There Was Grade-A Hockey in Glens Falls This Weekend

This weekend I went to the Thunder Game to watch the boys from Glens Falls take on the Manchester Monarchs. I LOVE going to Thunder games because you never know what youíre going to see. Section N is always rowdy, the mascot wheels around banging a bell for the majority of the game and youíre almost guaranteed to always watch a good hard hockey game. Don’t believe me? Watch this from last year.

When we got up there, I quickly realized that this game was a lot more than just a simple hockey game. This was Stick It To Cancer Weekend and the Thunder were wearing purple jerseys that were auctioned off after the game with the proceeds going to the C.R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital. Fans were also able to donate $10 and paint a message on the ice to a loved one affected by cancer.

The night before, Glens Falls legend Dave Strader’s son sang the national anthem and knocked it out of the park.

The game was awesome. The play was back and forth, knuckles were chucked and your boy wound up on the jumbotron dabbing his ass off with friends. Then after a stoppage of play, things got even more emotional.

Thunder forward Shane Conacher had been diagnosed with testicular cancer earlier in the year. He had surgery, battled his ass off and returned to the lineup. What’d he do in his first game back?

This video STILL gives me chills. The rink got LOUD and there was a standing ovation. Iíve seen this plenty of times on TV but being there for something like that in person was amazing. The entire city of Glens Falls stood up to salute and honor a young kid just to let him know that they were there for them. It was a very powerful moment, one that Iíll never forget.

I fucking love Glens Falls, NY. I love the people who are from there, I love their hockey team and I love their never ending passion. I canít wait to see these guys battle for the Kelly Cup this year. Two Buttons Deep will collectively be rooting you guys on! Glens Falls needs a parade.



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