Confession: I Haven’t Watched The Today Show in Months

It’s a little past 7AM as I’m writing this, and while it’s a thought that crosses my mind each day when I get back from my daily ass-kicking at Metabolic, I simply just haven’t turned the TV on in what feels like months. This is painful to admit because, well, I’m missing my friends. I’m not supporting them. I’m being a BAD friend to my friends on NBC at The Today Show. What’s wrong with me?

Being busy is no excuse. But, I’m going to use it anyways. Your girl is busy AF these days, trying to squeeze in morning 2BD meetings, time for freelance writing, a balanced post-workout breakfast, and of course a little social life in there. And sometimes, all the busy-ness means turning the TV on and being able to sit in front of it or even use it as background noise seems like something I can’t fit into the AM hours of the day.

Also, the cable box in my living room is broken and I’m working up the courage to finally cancel Spectrum once and for all and live somewhat of a TV-less life. And for the record, I possess pretty much no skills when it comes to figuring out how to use Apple TV, Roku and all of those other things. I still use my ex boyfriend’s logins to literally everything and those passwords are only saved on my laptop, so…

But, the reason why I’ve been so reluctant to cancel cable is BECAUSE of the Today Show. I thought I couldn’t live without it. Like to a, “I Can’t Even” level. But now, months later and I haven’t seen my friends live at all.

Sure, I catch up on Twitter and Instagram, but after scrolling through their website and social media today, I’ve realized now how much precious time I have missed with my friends. And it hurts. Yet, I’m still sitting here listening to ASTROWORLD on my Bluetooth speakers instead of figuring out the cable box situation or turning on another TV in the house to solve this problem.

Guys, I think something might be wrong with me. Maybe I need to go to one of those confessional booths and figure out how I can win back my love for The Today Show and act like we haven’t missed a beat. Or maybe I’m watching too much of The Sopranos and my brain doesn’t have space for anything else until I finish. IDK, but it felt good to get this out. Thanks, guys. And sorry Savannah, Hoda, Al, Craig..oh boy what AM I DOING??!



How do you feel?

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