Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

We’ve been back on our bullshit for four weeks now, rounding up the best dressers in the Capital Region who are posting some fire flames outfits on a daily basis. That’s the key here, just FYI if you or someone you know is trying to make this list. I need to see outfits in real time, AKA no vacation photos from you 15 weeks ago –I need the #OOTD content filling up my feed on the reg to find the most snazzy, stylish sonsabitches in the 518.

This week, I got a little bit smarter and started thinking about who might be included way earlier into the week than just on Fashion Friday. One of the biggest lessons in life is to be prepared, right? Well, I’m prepared now. I’ve got into a solid groove and I am ready to bring you the next weekly roundup on this fine, fine Fashion Friday.

Alexandria Cook (@alexandriancook)

Alex is the Queen Bee at Alexandria’s Beauty Salon, and I owe a lot of my on-camera looks to her as she’s the official glam squad for my hair on Ten Questions Deep. But not only is she a master behind the chair –she’s also serving up some serious sass in her weekly looks at the salon. I can only imagine how difficult it can be to wear black all day, every day, so if you want to stay away from a fashion funk, you gotta bring some more trendy styles into the mix like these overalls she paired with a killer pointed-toe, animal print slide.

All the time I hear girls say that they cannot pull off overalls, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you wanna take it back to your adolescent days where you needed your mom to buckle up the top for you so it didn’t come on crooked after you went to the bathroom, just know that is the ONLY risk you have to take — that this onesie is entirely your responsibility to pull off (and put back on).

Xavier White (@iamxavierwhite)

While Xavier White spends a lot of his time in NYC these days, he’s native to the 518 and you can often find him hanging out up here on a regular basis. And when I saw this amazing bomber jacket he was rockin’ in a Facebook pic earlier this week, I knew I had to honor his Capital Region status and add him to this week’s best dressed list.

Wearing anything with a skull print on it can be a little intimidating, but by softening it up warmer colors like taupe and magenta (with a pale pink tee underneath), those skulls seem a lot less scary and more stylish. Xavier is one of the nicest, most welcoming people on the planet, too, so there’s no intimidation factor happening here whatsoever with the way he wears this look. Plus, the guy is quite the musician if you feel like searching his name on Spotify.

Nicole Manupella (@colemanu)

A special someone (Jack) sent me a quick pic of Miss Nicole as a late minute nomination for this week’s Fashion Friday. TBH, I was about to include myself in this week’s roundup thanks to my awesome outfit from ZARA at Crossgates Mall that I wore on 10QD this week (keep scrolling, I might make honorable mention). Anyway, Nicole’s look clearly deserved some praise here because she is all up in Austin Powers GROOVY, BABY! territory with this bright, vibrant overcoat (raincoat?) with some simple and chic classic pieces underneath.

I feel like Nicole always finds a way to stand out among the bright pink furniture and decor at her work home, the Troy Innovation Garage, but that’s easy for her considering her bubbly, super positive personality is going to shine through whatever she wears. But, I gotta say, I think she gets bonus points for dressing to match the vibe of this super unique coworking space.

Honorable Mention: Me (@whodatgirl_trao)

I’m sorry, but I told you I was NOT exempt from making this list. And this week, I just couldn’t help myself because the outfit that Crossgates Mall hooked me up with this week from ZARA made me feel more ready than ever to crush an interview with a video game nerd (he said it was OK to call him a nerd) and ask him questions about Fortnite and other games I knew nothing about.

The second I saw this top I knew it was deserving of a spot in my closet as it’s lightweight, super feminine and easy to wear year-round with all different bottoms. For its first spin out on the town, I paired it with this accordion pleat skirt (it’s actually a skort which means it has SHORTS underneath) and a nude pair of Sam Edelman pumps with an ankle strap –which I proceeded to somewhat ruin while walking around downtown Albany after the Hozier concert while I was a couple buttons deep. No biggie.

Keep an eye out on your fashionable friends and send them my way. And hopefully, we’re inspiring you to get creative with your own outfits and bring a little more style and sass to the Capital Region. See ya next week!



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