There Needs to be an Express Lane For People Cashing In or Buying Lottery Tickets

By a show of hands, who here gets annoyed at people who take 10-25 minutes cashing in and buying lottery tickets at your local convenience store, dare I say Stewart’s Shops?


Before I really get into this, I would like to say that this only happens when Iím in a rush and when Iím in a rush only. Normally, Iím running on time, so a situation like this doesnít happen that often, but it happened yesterday and it drove me nuts and I am here to complain about it.

I stood in line for 10 minutes as this lady took her sweet ass time picking out different tickets leading to a line practically out the door. Yes, itís her time to wheel and deal but have some god damn awareness lady.

To make matters worse, she already started scratching the tickets before she removed herself at the front of the line, maybe thinking she’d be able to cash in if she had received any winners? I almost had an aneurysm. The act of buying 100 lottery tickets and holding up the line at your local Stewart’s can be compared to three tractor trailers all going 65 miles per hour in all three lanes of the Northway. Yes, they do have the right to be there, but you canít tell me Iím not allowed to hoot and holler and throw a hissy fit about it.


Are we actually going to reserve some sort of line for the degenerates of the world? Unlikely. HOWEVER, there has to be some sort of machine that could do the work of a cashier. If they already have those vending machines with lottery tickets inside of them, why on Earth can we not come up with technology to pop a scanner on that bad boy and make it a one stop shop for lottery ticket scratchers?

It doesnít seem like it would be that hard. Ready for it? Vending machine + a self-checkout at Walmart and bada bing bada boom, you save me from a massive headache. Yes, we would be enabling their gambling habits, but would also keep them far away from any sort of line Iíd be standing in. 10 minutes might not seem like a big deal to you but thats 10 minutes of my life I will never ever get back. Think about all the memories one can make it 10 minutes. Time is precious people.



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  1. Gary Dake

    Sorry, Jim. It’s the price we pay for being the top scratch-off retailer in the state. Just remember, scratching those tickets is the brightest spot of some of their days. They don’t have the vibrant social life you do.


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