I’m 25.5 Years Old and That is Too Old to Run for Albany Tulip Queen

We’re trying to stay on top of things here at 2BD, and that means making sure we actually plan out some things we want to do in advance so that we don’t scramble the day-of or say, “damn, I wish we did that.” Definitely not speaking from experience or anything, just saying all of that could hypothetically happen….

So, in one of our last squad meetings, we were focused on spring and summer events and the annual Tulip Fest got brought up. I had the brilliant idea that as a little PR type of stunt, I’d run for Tulip Queen. Kind of like the time John tried out for the Albany Patroons, ya know. Gets our crazy squad involved with the local community, that’s all.

I don’t really know a lot about Tulip Queen, just that there’s some volunteer work involved, an appearance during the festival, yadda yadda. But clearly I didn’t know much about it at all considering I had NO idea that I was too old to even consider putting myself in the running.

Yup, today I am 25.5 years old on the dot and I am too old to run for Tulip Queen in Albany, NY. All it took was a quick Google search for me to figure that one out:

The Tulip Queen and Court are Albany’s vibrant ambassadors attending community functions, promoting education and coordinating programs for theMayor’s Literacy campaignthroughout their year of reign.


  • Albany County Resident
  • Ages 18 – 24
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community Outreach Goals

For real? I mean, it’s not like I really was actually going to go through this, but maybe I would’ve considered doing it #forthebrand, but nope. Now all hopes and dreams of being crowned in front of a beautiful bed of tulips are crushed forever. How didn’t I know this? I guess it’s one of those things where you always think people –like cartoon characters, community members, etc. are older than you your whole life until you realize you are now the old one and other young people think you are old, too. Does that make sense?

Just going to go right ahead and wave my Tulip Queen Dreams goodbye for now. Instead, you can catch me doing the next best thing which is hosting the VOLUME! Hair and Makeup Competition at Vapor Nightclub on April 7. Shameless plug, but I’ll be dressed up on stage in some sort of circus-themed outfit, so it’s for your entertainment, too. Stay tuned,



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