66,000 Louisiana Tax Payers Got Double Refunds and I’m Super Jelly


Nearly 66,000 Louisiana taxpayers who recently received bigger state refunds are finding out it was an accident, not a windfall.

According to WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has accidentally paid double tax refunds amounting to almost $26 million.

Division of Administration spokesman Jacques Berry told the CBS-affiliate that the state is in the process of trying to recover the money. The duplicate refunds were discovered Wednesday, Berry said.

Most of the refunds were sent by direct deposit, and banks are being contacted to reverse the overages. A small amount of the refunds were placed on debit cards and those amounts are being “backed out,” Berry told WAFB.

Berry urged anyone who received a larger refund than what they are actually due to not spend the money, WAFB reported.

Good luck getting that money back! Why can’t shit like this ever happen to me? This is quite hilarious. I love how this Berry dude urged residents that received a larger refund than expected to not use the funds. Yeah that’s like a bartender setting down an extra beer in front of me and then telling me not to drink it. Fat fuckin’ chance that’s happening.

Photo Credit — USA Today

If I had an extra couple grand right now in my account, you bet your ass I’m balling out for the opening weekend of March Madness. In fact, I might even be on the next flight to Vegas. I’ve been to Sin City on this exact weekend and I can honestly say that it was the best four days of my life.

The state of Louisiana should just gift that money to the lucky few that were credited by accident as a gift for living in their state. I’m sure that will attract more residents to move their in hopes that this could happen again. I actually think that every state should do shit like this maybe as “random acts of kindness.”

The government taxes the shit out of us and take more and more from us every day. I think it’s about time these fuckers give back so we can be irresponsible on the best weekend of the year. Happy March Madness!



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