Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

We’re back! Spring is springing (well kinda, not really) and we’re all out here just grinding trying to be the most fashionable versions of ourselves we can be, one week at a time. I gotta say, I am getting a lot of great feedback on this little series we have going on –I think you guys are digging it. I’m getting texts and DMs from people recommending their friends or sending me some looks with NO fashion sense as a little joke to rile me up, or maybe to convince me someday to do a worst dressed blog, too. (That won’t happen, don’t worry. #GoodVibesOnly.)

Let’s get right into it because this was another stellar week on the IG feed for me. I’m liking what I am seeing, but like Jack said last week, I am only slightly disappointed I can’t keep nominating myself week after week because I wanna keep up with all these fabulous folks out there and make sure you guys know it, too.

Brit Drahos (@britdrahos)

The Capital Region has been very lucky lately with the amount of world class talent we’ve seen pass through some of our most popular music and entertainment venues. Just this past week, Miss Ariana Grande rolled up into town for the very first night of her latest tour, and if Brit is any indication of what kinda AG fans are out roaming around the 518, well damn.

She’s rockin’ the classic pony almost, if not better, than AG herself, and her overall look is definitely inspired by the artist in all the right ways. (Bonus points if your hair is long enough // you are talented enough to wrap your hair around the pon itself). There’s nothing I love more than a tasteful amount of animal print, and in this look, it’s the focal point for sure as this top stand out when next to a classic pair of black skinnies and a high heel boot. That’s an outfit made for jammin’ out to some Top 40 music with your gal pals.

Alex Rantzaklis (@astricy)

I think I might’ve mentioned before that not only are the people on the best dressed list local fashion icons, but they are also  AMAZING people. Alex is one of the most bubbly, kind, and energetic people in the Capital Region, and she’s able to express that through her fashion as well in her role as the #girlboss of Circles in Stuyvesant Plaza (a place where I wish I could just roll out a sleeping bag and live inside).

This outfit makes me speechless, people. Like, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” from the Life Alert commercial is how I feel when I see a look so beautifully curated, sassy, fun and just every adjective for how I’m trying to be in 2019. I think what really makes it, though, is this killer clear bag with those retro square handles. The black bounces perfectly off those stunning Gucci boots and the entire look just lets you know this girl means business when it comes to taking casual Friday to a never-before-seen level. Also, wait. White on white? YES. thank u, next. A++++, girl.

Josh Koopman (jhkoop21)

It’s so unusual to see a man dressed nicely at a sporting event of any kind. Whether it’s a high school hockey game or the freakin’ NBA playoffs, men have absolutely no idea (9 times out of 10) why it’s not cool to wear jerseys, sweatpants, short sleeve shirts over long sleeve shirts, apparel for a team that’s not playing, etc. at a game. Sure, it makes for some fantastic people watching –and I’m not that naive, I know men simply do not CARE what they look like, they’re there for the sport itself, but still, sometimes I just can’t take adult men seriously, especially in this type of setting.

Guys like Josh Koopman give me hope, though. This denim baseball hat is a casual, cool way to let everyone in the stands know you have just as much fashion sense as you do knowledge about the game you’re watching. When you’re in excellent physical shape like my guy Koop, a fitted Henley shirt is going to do you some good in any setting, and I especially like that he classed it up a little with a fitted jean and pair of camel-colored dress shoes. He’s officially putting all other guys on blast for gameday spectator fashion. ‘Look like you wanna be snapped by paparazzi sitting courtside, fellas. It’ll go a long way.

Honorable Mention: Jeff Morad (@jeffmorad)

Sometimes, one of the things you have to appreciate about people’s personal fashions, even when they disagree with your own sense of style, is that people are wearing stuff that is truly, authentically “them.” That’s how I felt this past week when I interview Jeff Morad of WEQX, who wore a pair of what he would call, “outdoor” slippers for his on-camera appearance.

While I’m supportive of slippers and whateverthehellyawannawear  when you’ve got a radio gig, I was so shocked about the slippers I must’ve brought it up 6 times during the interview. Mostly ’cause I just wanted to have an inside joke with Jeff because he’s cool and we laughed the entire time we filmed together, but like also because it was so wild to me. When I asked Jeff about the outfit he chose, he said that this is his outfit for everything, even weddings and funerals. So, that’s why Jeff gets honorable mention this week. And also because I couldn’t nominate myself again even though I loved this outfit from ZARA at Crossgates Mall so very much, I thought I kinda deserved it.

Know someone who has a fashionable feed? Send them my way and keep an eye out for who will show up next on the Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week list.



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