Stewart’s Holiday Match Program Donates 2 Million Dollars to Children’s Charities

Times Union:

Last year’s holiday giving campaign by Stewart’s Shops has provided more than $2 million to children’s charities across the region, the company announced Monday.

Grants from the Holiday Match program went to 1,830 different organizations, up 50 groups from the previous year. Funds came evenly from Stewart’s customers and the company.

Since the program started in 1986, it has raised more than $28 million.

As if my best friend Gary Dake could get any cooler, then he goes out and does this. If youíve read any of my blogs, you know I am Stewart’s undisputed number one fan. Iím from a small town of Middle Grove and literally the only thing there is Stewart’s. Since I was a kid, Iíve been going to this place if I ever needed anything whether it be gas, ice cream or my personal favorite, hot dogs.


Every time I walk in, Hope and her staff greet me with a cheerful hello. I walk by the grizzled veterans who take up shop in their stalls (yes, thatís on my bucket list) reading their paper, drinking a black coffee and socializing like its the glory days. As much as I love Stewart’s for their products, the thing that really gets to me is the atmosphere there. Wouldnít change it for the world.

Over the last couple of months we at Two Buttons Deep have gotten the opportunity to get closer with Gary Dake and Stewart’s. He’s #OurPresident. Taylor sat down with him in her Ten Questions Deep segment, Jack did an ice cream review with him, and him and I have become friends. I told you guys that he dropped off ice cream at my job on Valentines day because 1) I knew it would make Taylor jealous and 2) because that’s the type of pirate ship he runs. Theyíre good people who go above and beyond to ensure people leave with a smile on their face. The fact that he took time out of his day while running a company likes this speaks volumes to the character of himself and his stores.

Stewart’s actually cares for the community, so thatís why this news doesnít shock me in the least. $2 million this year and $28 million total is just another example of why this place is better than the rest.

While other companies spend a majority of their time trying to say the right things, Stewart’s goes out and does it. That, my friends, is why they will always be better than anybody else. Now youíll have to excuse me, Iím going to go get a milkshake.



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