Ten Questions Deep With Kiernan Ensor, eSports Consultant and Collegiate Coach

It’s a big week for Ten Questions Deep as I officially have enough people who believe in this series that they were willing to put time and effort into making me my own logo (shout out to Steve Struss at Relentless Awareness, AKA 2BD website guru and graphic design aficionado). JK, I have some believers out there like my dream sponsor, Crossgates Mall, who hooks me up week after week with fresh threads from ZARA, and my girl at Alexandria’s Beauty who knows if I need her assistance in looking as glam as possible for these interviews.

In the latest episode of 10QD, I interviewed Kiernan Ensor, eSports consultant for the MAAC, ECAC and Canisius College about HV Gamer Con that’s cmoing up at the end of march right here in Albany. If you didn’t already guess, the subject of video games is WAY out of my comfort zone. I grew up in a household of girls, don’t even know how to turn on an XBox, and as you’ll soon find out, have ZERO skills in the flossing department which I believe, as the kids will tell you, is a popular dance move from the game Fortnite.

Kiernan was a really good sport (no pun intended) and let me ask him all sorts of probably-offensive questions about the world of gaming, and also completely unrelated questions that didn’t make the final cut like what type of bread he prefers a breakfast sandwich to be on –he’s a smart man and likes a hard roll.

Anyway, check out the latest episode of 10QD below brought to you by Crossgates Mall.

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