I Somehow Won a Fortnite Tournament Today

Well, well, well. This morning I rolled up about 20 minutes late to a media event for the upcoming HV Gamer Con, feeling a little bit hungover and a lot like the last thing I wanted to do was compete in a Fortnite tournament with a bunch of other 518 news and radio personalities. Even though I got some insight on this popular video game and the tournament itself during the latest episode of 10QD with Kiernan Ensor, I was by no means prepared to play for such an intense, highly-coveted title.

Being in the presence of some of the biggest names and faces in the Capital Region, along with my lack of Fortnite skills, I felt like a real underdog. But luckily, the eSports players from Siena College were a HUGE help and got me up to speed relatively quickly, and then sat me down for my first game with my partner, Kyle, who will actually be playing in this weekend’s tournament.

I think I made Kyle a little uncomfortable, not because he was starstruck by me or anything because trust me, he had NO idea what Two Buttons Deep was or why I was sitting there next to him trying to win myself a title. I think this helped our dynamic, though, because he could focus on the game while I focused on trying to remember what buttons to press.

After we won our first match, I was ready to pack up and head outta there with my sights set on getting a Bloody Mary somewhere, but that’s when I figured out we were actually playing in a tournament, too, and we had to keep going. I will say, my skills started to improve just slightly, but not enough where I was able to contribute to win #2 which ended up taking us to the championship game. It was at this point where I became HIGHLY competitive knowing that every other local media outlet had lost, and 2BD was miraculously still standing thanks to my guy Kyle.

The championship game was a taxing 10 minutes of playing time, double the amount of the previous rounds. I swear, all that running and jumping on the computer screen was actually starting to make me fatigued in real life, but I wanted to win, so I basically just made my character run more and more in every possible direction, hoping that the opposing team wouldn’t find me and kill me. And guess what? It worked! We won!

This win meant so much to me, not because I had anything to do with it, but because this is such a great 2BD move to just roll up to this tournament as the least professional media outlet there (but without question the most fun) and then we somehow beat everyone else who was there filming all afternoon long. Got the whole prize package, a trophy and everything. Mama, I made it.

I’m going to start coining the phrase, “The 2BD Difference” because lately, we’ve been defining ourselves more and more while putting our stake in the sand that we’re an entertainment outlet that’s here to stay. And listen, adding a Fortnite trophy to our list of accomplishments just makes all the hard work worth it.



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