Outfit Recap: My Latest Looks from ZARA at Crossgates

Lately, I’ve been really feeling my fashion game thanks to ZARA at Crossgates Mall. You guys and gals have heard of ZARA before, right? If you’ve traveled abroad or to some of the more major U.S. cities, you’ve probably seen this store and know a thing or two about the fast fashion threads they can bring ya for a pretty decent price.

Sure, the minimalistic storefront and ultra chic mannequins might seem a little intimidating if you’re not as into fashion as I am, but I’m here to tell you it’s worth stopping in next time you’re at the mall. Or hey, how about this; GO to the mall and seek it out on purpose. I’m sick of all this, “I’d rather shop online” nonsense. I like to shop online, but I love an in-person shopping experience where I get to try things on and put together new looks in real time.

And you know I’m not just a fashionista –I’m a fashionista with a PURPOSE. Every time I post an outfit photo or talk about a trend, I’m doing it because I want to inspire everyone else out there to up their fashion game and to get creative with their clothes. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look good, you just need to curate yourself a closet where you have some basic staples, a few trendy items and pieces that you can repurpose, layer and style so many different ways.

A lot of people were digging the past few outfits I’ve had on in Ten Questions Deep, so I’m recapping them below and showing you how I’ve re-worn some of the pieces (yes, I do re-wear my clothes…sometimes).

Look #1: Lady in (P)leather

I was able to have a lot of fun with my first outfit from ZARA at Crossgates because I was interviewing the girl boss of all girl bosses, Miss Lindsay Rae of Lindsay Rae Photography. I shopped during one of ZARA’s major sales and snagged this summery, blush pink crop top for just $12, and the red pleather high-waisted pants were only $29, so I was all in on this outfit for less than 50 bucks.

Like I said, I was a little iffy on wearing this top in the dead of winter, but I think the high-waisted pants helped me play off the crop top and then cuffing them, too, so that you could see my ankles and blush pink pumps. And in the meantime while I wait to repurpose the top, the pants paired perfectly with an oversized sweater, snakeskin pumps and of course my wintertime BFF, a felt hat for a second look.

Look #2: My Take on Menswear

The trend of ladies wearing menswear is h-o-t in the streets these days and it’s something I’ve been dying to try. Now, you can’t get too oversized with the look or else you’ll drown in fabric which is never a good look, which is why I tucked in this off-shoulder, deconstructed blouse with another high-waisted ZARA pant.

This outfit was affordable AF (which is great for when you want to hop on a trend before it goes out of style)–this was another sale top for $12 and the pants were just $20. I wanted to impress my man Gary Dake for our video at Stewart’s Shops and keep my color palette a little more neutral as opposed to that time I wore red leather pants to a lingerie boutique. These pants were tan, burgundy, forest green and totally matched with the burgundy booth where we shot the interview.

And then, to repurpose the top this time around, I wore it with a pair of overalls to stick with the menswear trend-ish with a little feminine flair.

Look #3: Capital Region Chic

Not gonna lie, I splurged just a teeny bit on this outfit because I simply couldn’t live without it. (Top $40, Bottom $50). This was one of those days where I was struggling at the mall, just randomly grabbing things off the rack and bringing 100 pieces into the fitting room praying something would look good on me. But then, I stumbled upon this amazing mock-neck blouse with a 3/4 sleeve, some texture and flow, and I knew I had to make it work.

This blouse can be worn so many different ways, whether you work a 9-5 in an office and can pair it with a skirt like I did, or with a pair of jeans if you’re going out on a dinner date with your Tinder crush. The black, accordion pleat skort I wore it with (yes, I said SKORT –AKA a skirt with shorts underneath),was super comfortable with a stretchy, thick waistband and gave me that ultra chic vibe I was going for this day.The look helped me make a seamless transition into double fisting Miller Lites at the amazing Hozier show I saw at The Palace right after we filmed 10QD. JK about the Miller Lites, that’s not what a lady in a skort and ankle strap pumps would do…is it?

Look #4: I’m Not Casual, You’re Casual

I told Jeff from 102.7 WEQX that I dressed downfor our interview at Albany Distilling Co. and he was legitimately shocked. He wore SLIPPERS, so I understand why he didn’t think I was being casual in a pair of blue suede block heels, an oversized knit sweater and the best pair of boyfriend jeans I’ve ever owned.

But, I really did want to play it cool for this episode of 10QD knowing we’d be in such a chill spot with a vibe inside that’s as fun and funky as their newest craft cocktail. I’ve heard a lot of good things about ZARA jeans, and after trying on a whole bunch of pairs trying to find the right ones for me, I finally did –and for just $40. This pair hits me right at my ankle which is rare (#shortgirlprobz) and the light wash felt springy, but not too springy when you pair it with a sweater like this that’s flattering with tighter arms and is a universal creamy color you can rock with whatever weather. The one awesome thing about buying sweaters like this at the end of the season is you’re gonna get a good deal, like I did on this one for just $24.

If you’re liking what you’re seeing, A) hit me up for some style advice, seriously I’m always happy to help and B) go check out ZARA at Crossgates Mall.

And yes, thank you, ZARA and Crossgates for making me look cool on every episode of Ten Questions Deep. Keep an eye out for four more outfits coming up on the next few shows coming out soon.



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