Troy Man In Critical Condition Needs Our Help

Andy Melville is a beloved father, son, husband, and brother. Unfortunately, Andy was involved in a tragic ATV accident and is currently in critical condition at Albany Medical Center. As we all know, time passes and bills accumulate, resulting in a difficult financial feat for Andy’s loved ones to take on by themselves. It is now time we come together as a community and contribute what we can to lessen the financial burden placed upon Andy, his wife Jasmyne, and 3 year old son Landon. Any contributions are greatly appreciated and can be donated on this specific GoFundMe

Andy is the epitome of a provider, a man who goes to work as a mechanic day in and day out to provide for his family, especially his beautiful son Landon, a 3-year-old boy who’s smile could brighten any room. Many Troy residents know Andy as a kind hearted man who has always been a dependable source of support to his family and loved ones.

Those who went to high school with Andy know he was always willing to help them out with a ride home. This is simply a great man who has only done right by his people, and it is now time we can reciprocate the love and support he has provided to so many. We thank you ahead of time for any contributions, no matter how big or small, every penny counts towards helping Andy and his family move forward during their toughest of times. Thank you. 



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