Behind the Scenes Footage From My Fortnite Tournament Victory

By now, you’ve probably seen the shocking footage of my immediate reaction after finding out I somehow won a Fortnite tournament against all of the other local media personalities in the Capital Region. It’s probably been rolling on Sportscenter for the past few days, THAT’S how good it was, but no biggie.

For real, a victory as glorious and unexpected as this one needs to be milked all the way through, especially ’cause we still have a few days left until the HV Gamer Con event takes place March 30-31 right here in Albany at the Albany Capital Center. I think this video is something the gamers who are competing should watch to give themselves a boost of confidence before heading into the competition, and maybe a good laugh, too.

This is the 2BD difference, people. We showed up to this event with no plan, no idea what to expect, and we walked out with a swag bag and a trophy that is currently proudly displayed in my bedroom. Soon, I’d imagine it’ll make its way into the 2BD Hall of Fame wall we will slowly start to build at the Troy Innovation Garage.

Check out our behind-the-scenes footage from the proudest day of my life to date:



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