I’m Letting Our Followers Vote on What Athleta Outfit I Should Wear in the Next Squad Video

Next week, the squad is going to get our Barre Flow on at the Hot Yoga Spot in Albany for our next, “Squad Does” video. This type of video is one of my favorite things we do here at 2BD, because there really is nothing better than the organically funny shit that happens when you get all of us self-centered personalities together on camera.

These videos are even BETTER when we do fitness-related activities, like a Metabolic workout or curling because we have some team members, who I will not mention, that truly are some of the least physically fit people on the planet. Like I said, I won’t name names, but I will tell you the name of their joint podcast together, which is called the Jack or John Show.

Anyway, we all know that style is always my #1 consideration in all aspects of life, which is why I partnered up with the lovely ladies at Athleta in Crossgates Mall and had them show me what’s hot in the world of fitness fashion so that I could roll up to the Hot Yoga Spot for Barre Flow looking like a real pro. But here’s the catch –they picked out some awesome outfits for me, but the 2BD fans are going to VOTE for which outfit they think I should wear on camera.

You guys know it’s your right to vote, right? If Taylor Swift can make one comment about the importance of voting and have like a zillion people register, this Taylor can at least put my trust in you guys to pick out the perfect outfit for me.

Hint: it’s this one. This is the one I wanna wear, OK?! We’re filming on April 1 (no joke, see what I did there?) so cast your vote in the comments of our Instagram post before then and make sure I look like I know what I’m doing out there, fashion and fitness wise, compared to the fellas of the 2BD squad.



How do you feel?

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