It’s Time to Rally For Common Roots


Terrible news came out a yesterday in that Common Roots had burned to the ground. If you donít know, Common Roots is a brewery in South Glens Falls that makes legit beer for a good price. If youíre into drinking beer that isnít Miller Lite or Keystone, thereís a good chance that youíve seen these guys around. Theyíve really begun making a name for themselves in Upstate NY and this news couldnít be more devastating.

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*A message from our co-founders* Dear Friends, We are still in shock as we write you all this update. As many of you know by now, a fire erupted in our brewery on Monday, March 25th, 2019. The structural damage was devastating. While we are grateful that none our most cherished assets – our people – were physically harmed by the fire, much of our brewery, taproom, and second floor office space was destroyed or severely damaged. Therefore our taproom and brewery at 58 Saratoga Ave will remain closed until further notice as we begin executing the necessary steps to rebuild. We are making every effort to support our employees through this time and are collectively driven to getting back to doing what we love as soon as possible. So many emotions have consumed our hearts these past few days: sorrow, grief, anger, disbelief…. but also gratitude. Immense gratitude for the incredible showing of support we've received from our local and extended community. While we may not be responding individually to each of you at this time, please know that your kindness is noticed, your gesture is greatly appreciated, and we are deeply, deeply touched. We are still working through the details and timeline of our rebuild. We know that have a few tough months ahead. We also know that we will come out of this stronger than we were before. We will keep you all posted and look forward to serving you again soon. Much love and gratitude, Christian, Bert and the entire Weber Family

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Iíve had the absolute privilege of working with someone who is part of the Common Roots family and because Iíve been around this person every day for the last year or so, I can whole heartedly say that her and her family are good people. They are the type of people that they just donít make any more. They are the type of people who would literally give you the shirt off of their back if you needed it. They are they type of people that will take an extra 5 minutes out of their day just to check in on you and make sure youíre having a good one. I know this because that has happened close to a million times already.

In this messed up world, these are the type of people that give me hope that not everyone is an asshole and every one will be okay. This devastating news literally makes me sick to my stomach because something of this nature should never happen to a group of people like them.

What do we do about this?

We take this negative energy, this terrible news, and we turn it into something positive. We raise money, we help these people get this brewery back up and running as soon as frickiní possible. We let them know how much our community appreciates the things that they do and we help. One thing about the Capital Region and the 518 that I respect the most is that when people are down we can come together and rally. Iíve seen it time and time again and I know this wonít be any different. Again, Iím not asking for millions of dollars but even if you have a dollar or 5, it will go a long way in helping this wonderful group of people get back as soon as they can.

Thereís nothing that can be done now except go forward. This is one setback for a MAJOR comeback and I would never bet against Common Roots and their people. Donate here For Common Roots.




  1. HP

    Why are you soliciting donations to a for profit company that has insurance, customers, and massive tax advantage this year. They’ll be fine. If they aren’t, there were problems beforehand.

    This is embarrassing. They wouldn’t do the same to me, as metaphorical as you want to get.

    • Ked

      Of course they wouldn’t do the same to you because I have a feeling, and stay with me here, not that many people like you ?????

      • Kate

        Instead of leaving a rude remark to a valid comment maybe offer an explanation as to why you think it is valid and and a good decision to donate to Common Roots. You wrote the article so you should be able too without being a turd.

  2. -R.

    Yeah, no. I’ll continue to buy their product. But donate cash to a for-profit company with sufficient insurance? Nope.


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