Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

TGIF, baby! I know ya’ll are just really waiting for the end of the week these days because A) you wanna go a couple buttons deep and B) you wanna see who made the Capital Region’s best dressed list.

Also, this was a HUGE week for Two Buttons Deep –our site has been killing it with views after we broke some 518-virialish stories (side note: our website keeps crashing when we get a lot of hits, sorry ’bout that #startuplife); I won a Fortnite tournament with no prior gaming experience, and 2BD got voted the best local comedy troupe in the Times Union’s Best Of contest. Huge, people, huge!

And while this little fashion bit continues to grow, it’s going to unlock some potential for even more fun things we can bring to our audience. Especially for me because, well, ya know, I love this stuff and I want everyone in Upstate NY to release their inner style gods and goddesses on a daily basis. Long story short, thank you for the support all around this week. We’re feeling really good about the current state of 2BD and it’s driving us to create more and more content for you to enjoy.

Now, for the good stuff. Let’s see who was strutting their style stuff this week.

Alyce Newman (@alycejenae)

Vaca style never gets old to me because it shows that you want total strangers to think you’re cool. Which we should ALL want, OK?! That’s how you build street cred, I think. Anyway, I’ve said before you gotta bring out your best outfits on vacation regardless of the fact that you’re at a beach where you know absolutely no one except your travel gang. You do this not only for the Instagram pics, but because you want to feel like your best self while you’re enjoying some R&R.

My girl Alyce here did exactly that with this killer red one piece bathing suit which is basically just a sneaky bikini. I LOVE the neckline and the knot in the front (I’m not going to call it a bow because it’s just not –see what I did there), and that the bottom half is a little more high-waisted for total beach comfort and cuteness. The denim baseball cap is super practical to shade your money make from those rays, and to make your salty, wavy beach hair look even more fabulous.

And then this patterned maxi dress in some more muted tones is perfect for a transition into the evening after your body is burnt out from the sun. A spaghetti strap is still going to help ya show some skin, but the length and flowy-ness of the dress ensures maximum comfort (and can hide a little sunburn if ya got it).

Matt Baumgartner (@burritoboy)

Look who it is! Sure, Matt probably won’t be too excited about being on the best dressed list since his national TV debut earlier this month was just slightly more impressive, but when I saw this look, I couldn’t help but give the guy a little extra publicity from 2BD. I have been #TeamHat all winter long, and I’m honestly nervous for what my new look is going to be now that it warms up. I am ALWAYS on time if I can throw a hat on before I leave the door, and also I feel very hip when I wear one. Yeah I said it.

So naturally, this look is a 10/10 for me, especially with this coat that reminds me of all the things I’ll miss about winter, but with what I presume is a short sleeve shirt under that makes me even more excited for warm weather comin’ soon. Plus, that combo is a great lesson on how to transition nicely between seasons instead of abruptly rocking a pair of shorts on the first day about 50 degrees.

*PS I’m still shaking from what I saw Matt did to his Stewart’s coffee this morning. This is offensive content, please watch with caution.*

Alex Rizzo (@alexandrarizzo_)

LOVE a good gala look, and when you’re as striking as Alex (I mean that hair, come on!)you gotta bring your fashion game to the next level to go along with all the other good stuff ya got going on. This week Albany had its fair share of cool events even though the local concert scene has slowed down for a hot sec, and Alex showed up to hers in STYLE in this navy-ish lace gown paired with some gorgeous, dainty gold accessories. The scalloped edging and the eyelash lace lays perfectly on her skin and gives just a touch of extra sass.

Again, we’ve got another look on the list that is nailing the difficult transition between winter and spring. You don’t want to go full out in bright colors this time of year or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb in the SEEN gallery, so what you wanna do is be like Alex –find a smoky, neutral tone dress that’s on the simpler side, and then dress it up with awesome hoops, and a delicate necklace and ring. Perfect for going a couple buttons deep in the classiest way possible.

Honorable Mention: Tom Nardacci (@tomnardacci)

One of the simple truths in life is that there is no better sight than a man in uniform or a man in a well-tailored suit. If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I will do is take Cap’n Jack to a tailor so he can finally agree with me on all the reasons why I’m so passionate about all this fashion nonsense. Maybe now that Jack sees Tom on the best dressed list he’ll start to shape up his style, but IDK probably not.

But look, Tom’s got the clean and classic look of a total boss going on right now. Throw him in a time machine and put him at the table drinking an espresso with Tony Soprano and he’d fit right in. And yeah, suit and tie might not always be part of the dress code at the Troy Innovation Garage, but a man like Tom is always on the move, so he can keep this look for the Bull Moose Club in Albany and be ready to ditch the tie at a moment’s notice to go two buttons deep.

That’s all I got for you this week, people. Tag your fashionable friends as always so I can add them to my list to follow and find out who’s strutting their stuff every week in the Capital Region.



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