After Years of Being Left Out, Stewart’s Designs Coffee Cups for Left-Handed Folks

Big moos from our friends at Stewart’s Shops.

The Stewart’s iconic white coffee cup is now available in left-handed! It’s just another way we make your life easy. You can Make Your Own coffee just the way you like it and now carry it comfortably to your car, job site, home or office. We hope both righties and lefties will enjoy the convenience of the Stewart’s coffee cup.

Full disclosure: I’m not even left handed and this still gives me great pleasure. For years I have known many good friends of mind who struggle with being left handed. You don’t always realize it but there are a lot of challenges people face for being left handed, you get ink all over your hand, you’re the minority of baseball gloves, and at the forefront of the inconvenience is drinking coffee.

It’s tough watching a left handed person try and drink a cup of Joe. It’s possible for them, but just possible enough where it’s a curiosity to watch them maneuver the mug to their mouth. Is their hand upside down? Why are they tilting like that? Is it gonna spill on them?

It’s really a sight to see.

Anyways, Stewart’s is always a shining example of what companies should be like here in the Capital Region. Apart from having the best ice cream in the land and enough candy to kill the cow that made the cream, it also does incredible things for their workers and the community. And it’s no different for left handers, who now get to drink coffee like the righties, which is the right thing to do.

Love the look of it too. Almost makes me wish I was left-handed!



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