It’s Time to Go All Buttons Deep on 2BD’s Spring Booze Cruise

After we freakin’ sold out the last booze cruise, our FIRST booze cruise, ya know…the one that Jack had absolutely no faith in being successful, we’ve decided to go for round II in the warmer weather on May 3 at 7PM on the good ol’ Dutch Apple in Albany.

When we did this back in October, it was seriously so much fun. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that came out to show support, drink some drinks, and of course go multiple buttons deep in the middle of the Hudson River with our wild squad. It was a beautiful fall evening with an awesome crowd on a cool ass boat admiring the views of downtown Albany from afar. And now that we’re more experienced in the world of hosting boat cruises, this next event is going to be even better.

We’ve got entertainment from DJ TRUMASTR (and of course from us, too) and I believe even the half ass members of the 2BD squad will be there, live in the flesh! I know Jimmy is going to get mad at this because he was actually at the last booze cruise but he did also bail on the last squad workout vid. Weak.

ANYWAY, get your tickets ASAP because last time we legitimately did sell out and had to turn people away at the last minute. We don’t want that! We want all aboard the 2BD express. Your first drink is on us thanks to Nine Pin Cider and Chatham Brewing, we’ll have tons of pizza from DeFazio’s, and some sort of sweet treat for our boy Marko who just so happens to be celebrating his birthday on this very day with all of us. We need to make sure this kid doesn’t fall off the boat he is going to be all buttons deep before we even depart.

You can get your tickets by clicking the banner ads on our site, or I’m sure someone will throw it up on Facebook via EventBrite, too. We’re so excited to see our friends, family and followers out for an awesome night in Albany. Let’s celebrate the spring season in style! And get your ass to the boat at 6:45 so we don’t leave without ya.



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