This Young Hockey Fan Definitely Just Stole Another Fan’s Girl

Okay Bobby Big Wheels, do your thing.

I love everything about this video.

First off, this little guy is BOOMING with confidence. Just casually receiving a puck and handing it off to the hottest girl in his row is hall of fame material. Yeah, hes probably gotten a fair share of pucks throughout his young years but he knew hed at least get a smile and a hug and for that I commend him.

Second, that girl is so happy. I love seeing genuine emotion and this girl couldnt have been more thankful. Also, blonde + tattoos is all Im looking for in life. Lastly, the boyfriend. This kid got a sleeve tattoo so people dont physically fuck with him (as I am about to do) but forgot about emotional warfare. Yeah, his girl hugs him afterwards but guess what she’ll be thinking about on the way home. Not the $900 tickets you bought her but the cute little kid who unselfishly gave her a puck.

Yeah, it’s a cool moment but the boyfriend better be thankful that the little guy cant drive past 9 because shed probably be going with him instead.



How do you feel?

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