Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

This is all I gotta say about this week’s lineup: Fashion Friday is FOR THE BOYS! What are the chances my social media feed was filled with so many fashionable fellas at once? I wish I could take credit for the style Renaissance that I just *know* is going to happen in the Capital Region real soon, but I’m sure there all sorts of reasons we’ve seen so many people take a look at their wardrobe and turn it up a notch as of late.

I do have to clarify one quick thing about the men I saw on my social media feed this week, though. While yes, the ones I’ll name below in the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list were by far the most fashion-forward, there are two individuals who are quite popular on social media, but did not put their best effort in this week when it comes to style –and that’s Jack and John. Did you SEE what these two were wearing in our BarreFlow video? Here’s a quick lesson on what not to wear. Look quick and then divert your eyes immediately.

And if you know me, you probably know I just posted this so I could re-highlight how great MY outfit was from the lovely ladies at Athleta at Crossgates Mall who made sure I rolled up to my workout in style. I’m definitely only partially but totally not at all kidding about that. But, it’s besides the point because I’m here to feature the good stuff we saw this week and which dudes’ looks we were totally diggin’.

Heath Heimroth (@cocohh518)

Chances are, if you’re employed anywhere within a three-mile radius of downtown Albany, you’re expected to dress up in a suit and tie every. damn. day. And guess what? That’s basically a uniform and after a while, can get a little boring. But as we all know about anything routine, you gotta SPICE IT UP to keep the passion going. And Heath’s spring suit look had me spring on forward right out of my chair it was so good.

The light gray, the tie clip, the pink pop of color and best of all, the clear-rim glasses are incredibly hard to pull off and he’s doing it like it’s NBD. Take notes, fellas, if you want to enjoy going to work every day, put a little creativity behind your suit-and-tie uniform and you’ll basically be Justin Timberlake overnight.

DJ Trumastr (@djtrumastr)

Is he dressed up? Is he dressed down? Is he wearing a fedora? Yes to all of the above. DJ Trumastr is one of the most popular DJs in the 518, which means you see this guy popping up at events all over the Capital Region on a weekly basis. Can you IMAGINE the type of pressure that puts on a guy to make sure he looks good at every occasion? Probably not because most guys couldn’t care less.

But Tru, TRU, puts on a show every time. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe he might also be known for rockin’ a fedora aside from mixing banger beats, but this look last night with some dressy on top and casual on bottom had me stopping him so I could capture this pic myself at the ADCo Bar & Bottle Shop’s one year anniversary party on Thursday night. He’s playing with color and texture and giving a “wearable” take on menswear that takes the intimidation factor out of dressing up in a button down and blazer. And these shoes –I didn’t get a close enough look last night, but I am completely obsessed and need to know everything about them now.

And also, of course he’s Two Buttons Deep (and he’s also DJing our Spring Booze Cruise coming up on May 3, get your tickets like, now).

Dominick Purnomo (@dominickpurnomo)

Dominick is the OG style stunner in the 518, so naturally everyone who’s read this series has asked me why he’s been MIA on the first few lists I’ve put out. Well, I was waiting for something particularly spectacular since he always sets the bar so high, and this was the week, guys.

A bow tie is a tough look to pull off, let alone put on (we found out at the MetaGala that every gentleman there rocking a bow tie was wearing a clip-on), but we know dp would never ever do that. He’s just going to rock a bow tie like there’s no tomorrow, and tell us to suck it up and drink some wine if we’re upset about it. I love the purple color as the focal point of the bowtie and how it bounces right off that softer blue and yellow stripe. It just wraps the entire look up just like a….bow!

The best part about this look, though? The fact that he might’ve just created another new slogan for Two Buttons Deep after another Instagram pic he posted in this outfit: #AllBowtiesDeep. Seriously, if you can be a couple buttons deep and a bowtie deep, you must be having a damn good time which is exactly what we’re all about.

Honorable Mention: Megan Baker (@mmbaker73)

You really think I was gonna leave this list without having one fashionable lady on it? Get real. I needed someone who can definitely hang with the boys, and that’s a girl boss like Megan Baker. When I saw this photo on my Facebook feed, I thought, “Wow, she looks amazing!” And then, when I read the caption and realized she was looking this amazing in the Pittsburgh airport, I took the screenshot immediately so that she could make her way onto the best dressed list this week.

I’ve talked about airport etiquette many times on this blog, and Megan exceeded all expectations for what you should dress like while traveling for business by rockin’ a pair of pumps with this awesome pinstripe blouse and a classic pencil skirt. A first class lady dressing like a business and fashion professional.

What a great week, everyone. Props to the boys, I’ll give it to you that ya crushed it this week. But ladies, we gotta give ’em some glory when they deserve it so that we can emphasize the importance of a strong fashion game (plus, we always know how good we look).



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