CNBC Douchebag Has Nifty Trick To Screw Over The Service Industry

If you’re offended by explicit language then don’t read any further because I’m fired the fuck up right now! My blood is literally boiling. This out of touch Harvard fuck thinks that tipping less is not only ok, but he suggests it as a trick to save money. No shit Sherlock if you tip less you will save money. You’re also going to look like an asshole to your date or whoever else you’re with. How bout saving money by staying the fuck home and not taking a table in a server’s section from someone who knows how to act?!

This fuckin fuck think’s he’s got it all figured out. I’m willing too bet all the money in my bank account that this Guzman fuck has never worked in the service industry or had a struggle in his life. I’m not going to lie, there’s like nothing in my bank account because I work in the fuckin service industry.

I love how he says, “This one simple trick can save you over $400 without looking cheap.” No dummy, you look fucking cheap. If you have to pull out a calculator to figure out how much you’re going to give to your server, you’re cheap.

How the hell you gonna go out there and tell a whole nation to tip less?! This is the first thing I woke up to today and I’m ready to run through a wall. I’ve worked in the service industry most of my adult life and I can honestly say the same people that take out the calculator are the same people that need seven modifications on a dish, are in a hurry and need a separate check. Obnoxious.


I’m not saying that everyone out here deserves a 20% tip. I’ve seen shitty servers that don’t give a fuck that make the rest of us look bad. But what I am saying is when you have a good experience, you connect with the server and maybe they make you laugh, don’t pull out your calculator to do some bullshit equation where you save a couple dollars. There’s so much shit that goes on behind the scenes that goes into the process that you don’t see.

CNBC should be ashamed for running this bit. I hope that Guzman gets shitty service and cold food for the rest of his life for his selfish “trick.” A lot of people wait tables as a second source of income and have already worked a full day before they see Guzman and his calculator. You think they like seeing this article that CNBC had pumped on all of their platforms? How bout you send Guzman on an assignment and work a shift as a waiter. That is the only way that this story will have some closure.



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