I’m Getting Stuffy Just Looking at This Photo of North Carolina

I’ll correct myself when I said springtime begins here in Upstate New York when you favorite local soft serve joint opens. I’d say it really begins when you first walk outside and you sneeze, wheeze, and drop to your knees because your body can’t handle the spring allergies. It typically takes me a few days of torture to get in the groove of remembering to take my allergy meds so I can continue to function in the nice weather. I didn’t start reacting to Spring until my mid twenties which is just a cruel trick life has played on me, so it will take me a few more years or decades to adjust to my new handicap.

But this photo from North Carolina just made me relapse through a computer screen.

My goodness, there’s no escaping this. So much pollen it’s created a smog above the suburban paradise. This could be the sequel to “The Quiet Place” but it’s “The Pollen Place” where if you even breathe outside, your body chokes up! Apparently Tennessee is down for the count as well with their pollen count.

Pray this pollen doesn’t meander up the coast.



How do you feel?

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