The Big Top: I Co-Hosted the VOLUME! Fantasy Hair and Makeup Show and it Was Epic

2019 has been a pretty wild year for the 2BD squad. We’ve had some crazy opportunities come our way and in typical Two Buttons Deep fashion, we embrace all of them regardless of how uncomfortable or new it might be. I wouldn’t say I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone or anything because I’m pretty much down for whatever, whenever, but sometimes I roll up to events I’m a part of and think, “Wait, shouldn’t I be nervous right now?”

That was the case when I performed at Mopco’s Storytime Time in March, but I made it through thanks to a couple rounds of Stella Artois and even have the pics to prove it. And my latest, “What did I get myself into?” moment was when I agreed to co-host the VOLUME! Fantasy Hair & Makeup Competition at Vapor Nightclub this past Sunday night. I was honored to be asked to do this, said yes before I even knew what the event was about, and showed up without any idea of what I’d signed up for.

But hey, that’s how the best things go down, right? This event was seriously EPIC. 11 local hair and makeup salons competed against each other and were judged by a panel to determine which salon had the best circus-themed hair and makeup looks of the night. There were close to 450 people in attendance including all of the artists and models, the music was amazing, and the energy was incredible. You guys seriously wouldn’t believe the creativity, talent and hard work that goes into an event like this one.

Models from the Stitched Fashion Show, which took place while the VOLUME! looks were being judged.

My co-host, Jene Luciani, is a pro at this stuff. She’s an author, style correspondent for shows like TODAY and Fox & Friends, and we quickly found out how well the two of us can hit it off in front of a crowd the moment we stepped on stage together. We didn’t always play by the rules (AKA the script), but we had the best view of the entire show and did our best to entertain the audience during all the in-between times with our banter and of course our dance moves, too.

It’s so awesome to see so many creative people doin’ there thing here right in the Capital Region. Seriously, it’s hard for me to even explain how awesome this show was if you weren’t there to experience it in person. I’ll share a video whenever I see one because there were cameras flashin’ all over the place this night just like we were at some fancy Hollywood or NYC event.

The 518 is lucky to have some amazing creative visionaries like event founder, Mike Schinnerer, who helps put on fashion shows and promote the arts all year long with events for the Ronald McDonald House, like the upcoming Stitched Fashion event on September 28.

One of the models from the winning team, Rumours Salon & Spa


Keep an eye out on social media for more photos of the event, and catch me at my next hosting gig which after this, should probably be The Oscars or something.



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