Game of Thrones Trivia Tonight at The End Zone

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what youíre all thinking.


Yeah, I am, they don’t call me Warden of the North for nothing.


Game of Thrones is a top two show for me of all time, other than the office. The story lines, the characters, the dragons, the T&A, everything about this show is unreal. There are so many plot twists that you cannot possibly guess what is going to happen next.

Itís been a big week for me. On Monday I bought these bad boys.



Playoff hockey started last night, the new season of Game of Thrones start Sunday and tonight there will be Game of Thrones trivia at the End Zone in Mechanicville.


Iíll be there, wearing my Sundays are for Westeros T with a few friends so if you want to stop by and join our nights watch let me know.

Winter might be over in the 518 but in reality, it just got here.



How do you feel?

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