Laguna Beach Police are Under Fire for Having an American Flag Graphic…Wait What?

TU LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (AP) The hue and cry over the placement of a bright American flag graphic on police cars has leaders in a small coastal Southern California city considering whether to tone down the design.

The Laguna Beach City Council will decide Tuesday night whether to keep the current logo or choose an alternative.

Some residents feel the red, white and blue design is too aggressive while others are surprised anyone would object to the American flag.

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow told the Los Angeles Times the council is simply facing “a very narrow decision” about the brightness of the colors, but that the issue has devolved into a broader national conversation about patriotism.

He said he has received hundreds of emails from people around the country, mostly in support of keeping the flag designs on the car.

This undated photo provided by the Laguna Beach Police Department shows their newly decorated Police SUV patrol vehicles in Laguna Beach, Calif. An American flag graphic on the side of freshly painted police cars is dividing a small coastal city in Southern California. Some people in Laguna Beach feel the flag design is too aggressive while others are astonished that anyone would object to the American flag, The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday, April 13, 2019. (Laguna Beach Police Department via AP) Photo: AP / Laguna Beach Police Department

Photo: AP

What the hell have we come to? For the first time in my life, I actually feel bad for the residents of a Coastal California town. Imagine being offended by that car. Imagine having to live with people who are offended by that “aggressive” design. Seriously, pray for them. The year round sun and warmth must really be getting to their heads.

I’ll gladly take our occasional April snowfall in Upstate NY over living with these Laguna Beach psychos. The last sentence of the quick article gives me some hope that sanity will prevail though, “hundreds of emails from people around the country, mostly in support of keeping the flag designs on the car.” I wouldn’t be surprised if a high-volume of those emails came from in and around upstate NY. We have a love for the USA up here, one of my favorite things about the area.

While our great country has been in some very dividing, seemingly tumultuous times these recent years, I think it’s important to remember that more often than not, the silent majority airs on the side of the sane, you know, like not getting offended by the American flag on a police car.

Let’s pull for the level-headed Americans in Laguna Beach tonight as they decide if they need to “tone down” the car’s graphics. If they change it, I might just have to take a road trip to Laguna, in a super offensive ride:




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  1. Arturo

    I can’t stand the STUPIDITY coming from country especially California! I AM from Mexican descendant And cannot stand the ignoramuses in the state of Cali-PORN-iia!
    If they think they can come from another country to invade ours and strip MY COUNTRY from all its resources without paying there due’s they got another thing comin”!!!! Send there Asse’s back to where they came from and also while they are at it, send the ignoramuses from Cali with them as well…A bunch of low life scumbags!!!! Who do they think they are to tell me that they are offended by MY FLAG!!!! IF YOU DON;T LIKE IT THAT GET THE F##K OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND GO TO VENEZUELA OR WHERE EVER THEY WILL ACCEPT IGNORAMUSES LIKE THEM!!!! FOOLS!!!!MORONS!!!!
    This is what the police need to tell those low life’s from that city:

    ” If you don;t like our AMERICAN FLAG then don’t bother to ever call on us for help! get those illegals that are here to help you out WHEN YOUR BEING ROBBED!!!!”

    That’s all….


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