I’m Doing 100 Pushups Everyday for 30 Days to Prep for Bikini Season

Yesterday I was swindled into a terrible challenge by my terrible friends at the Troy Innovation Garage. 100 pushups each day for the next 30 days. They said I would be a whole new man with chicken legs by the end of it, and with bikini season right around the corner, I gotta do whatever it takes. I’ve never been embarrassed by my lanky figure, I just perpetually have mild regrets as I take off my shirt for the first time each summer wishing I had done something like this to impress people who will love or hate me regardless of the state of my abs.

Working out has never been a priority of mine. While in my mid-twenties I plan to take advantage of my metabolism while I have it because that’s God’s plan. Therefore I don’t fall into the peer pressure of going to Metabolic every morning, instead I sleep in and drink my coffee with baileys and I count eating an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast as my healthy day. But alas, if there’s a will there’s a way, and if there’s three friends telling me I can’t do something, like they did for sober January, I’m really going to do it. And if there’s 50% of our audience agreeing with said friends, I’m going to do it and keep tabs on everyone who voted No (and yes we can see who votes)

So the journey to 3000 pushups begins today, this morning. My arms are sore typing this and I’ve only done 50. This will probably be harder than I anticipated but I will not let myself down. And now Metabolic is watching my progress. Ahhhh shit.

Chest to the floor?!?!?!†




How do you feel?

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