Saint Rose Nerd Destroys $58K+ Worth of Computers With “USB Killer”

(The Verge) A former student of The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, has pled guilty to charges that he destroyed tens of thousands of dollars worth of campus computers using a USB device†designed to instantly overwhelm and fry their circuitry. The plea was†announced†today by the Department of Justice, FBI, and Albany Police Department. The Verge reports:

Vishwanath Akuthota, the former student, now faces up to 10 years in prison (with up to three years of supervision after release) and a fine totaling up to $250,000. He was arrested and taken into custody in North Carolina on February 22nd, just over a week after he went on a spree of inserting the “USB Killer” device†into 66 of Saint Rose’s computers around various locations on campus. Such devices can be easily and freely purchased online and can overload the surge protection in many PCs.

Akuthota, 27, apparently made video recordings of himself inserting the malicious USB device into the computers and said “I’m going to kill this guy” as the PCs were overloaded and permanently ruined. So it’s fair to say the FBI and APD had all the evidence they needed. In total, Akuthota caused $58,471 worth of damage. As part of his guilty plea, he has agreed to pay back that amount to the college, a small private school in New York’s capital city. The Verge reached out to The College of Saint Rose for a statement on today’s news, but a spokesperson said the college had been asked by law enforcement to refrain from commenting.

Can you imagine waking up one day and thinking this is a good idea? ďIím going to fry so many computers today, itís going to be epic!Ē You then get dressed, velcro your sneakers, and ride your scooter into town. IMO, I’d think youíd have to have a few screws loose to constitute this as a good time.

Take a second and picture what olí Vishwanaths Tinder profile looks like.

  • Favorite movie: the Matrix.
  • You make my software turn into hardware!
  • You are the Apple of my i-Mac.
  • Inject Radioshack into my veins
  • Swipe left if you donít know the difference between an MB and a GB, am I right???
  • Iím not a player, I just crash a lot

You know how they say never go back to the scene of the crime? While this is accurate, I also have another piece of advice. If you ever break the law, leave the video cameras at home. Why do you even need to record it? What in your right mind makes you think that this is a good idea? Do you think this kid just liked watching himself fry computers at 3am?? Thatís some weird crank material if Iíve ever heard it and if Iím being honest Iím happy the FBI and APD got involved. I hope destroying the computers was worth the $58K and potential jail time, you sick fuck.



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