Kids Explain Easter

You know us! Always getting after the hard-hitting content, investigative reporting here at Two Buttons Deep. And in our latest video, we set out to a Bunny Brunch in Clifton Park to ask some little egg hunters and candy lovers why we celebrate Easter.

Did they have any idea why? Absolutely not. But these were some little little kids, I’m talking two-and three-year-olds out here running around –so I was impressed most of them even took the time to sit down with me for a few seconds on camera. And of course, any time you chat about a serious topic with today’s youth, the result is pretty hilarious.

Before you watch this, though, ask yourself: why do we celebrate Easter? I’d be surprised if most people could explain it more accurately than the people featured in this video. I mean, even the Easter Bunny wasn’t so sure.



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