2BD’s First Video Was Released Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago we released our first real video as Two Buttons Deep. We dabbled in some odd bits before this and did some political things until we really straightened out what we were trying to do with this thing: highlight all stuff worth talking about in Upstate NY.

With that in mind, we set out to Dyngus Day at The HIll at Muza here in Troy, the host of the fastest growing Dyngus Day in America, however that is measured.

But alas, we went into the event with our now-signature MO of showing up, going a few buttons deep, and capturing it on film. Aka we ask for forgiveness, not permission. We don’t want any special treatment or planned interviews, we capture events exactly as they are and provide you with the raw experience for better or worse. Two years, 25,000 followers and over 300 videos later, I’d say the formula has worked out for us so far.

Button by button. Thank you to all who watch and support our content!!




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  1. Michael Hallisey

    That newspaper towards the end. That was pretty nice. What was that amazing newspaper again? 😉


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