Troy’s Psychadelicatessen to Close June 14

The city of Troy (and bagel lovers all across the Capital Region) received some devastating news today when Psychadelicatessen, the popular bagel spot smack dab in the middle’a River Street, announced it’ll be closing its doors for good on June 14. In a heartfelt, honest Facebook post, the shop’s owner stated the reason for closing as financial instability.

Regardless of how tasty our bagels are, the reality is, every time we “pushed through” some setback, we really just dug a deeper hole – a hole that I realized doesn’t have a bottom. The reality is, financially, I probably should have closed my doors a couple years ago. The reality is, I just couldn’t give up on my dream, something that I just KNEW was important, that people loved so much. I don’t regret digging myself deeper – not for one second – but I’ve reached a point where there’s no recovery.

I spent many, many hours going over calculations, scenarios, options, possibilities, with the same conclusion – Closing down is my ONLY option. I ask that you PLEASE trust me that I (as well as other savvy business owners and professionals) have exhausted EVERY option possible, and this truly is the only way.

This one really hurts, guys. If you’ve lived in the 518 for one year or for your entire life, you know that good bagels arehard to come by around here. I’ve written about the major decline of Bruegger’s before, so that option’s out, and a lot of us simply just don’t have a good locally-owned bagel shop anywhere near our homes in the suburbs or downtown areas. Psychadelicatessen WAS that spot, though. Probably one of my favorite places in downtown Troy, especially to cure a hangover. A cinnamon bagel with vanilla cream cheese and a Battenkill Crack could bring me back in action faster than any hair of the dog. And don’t even get me started on the best bagel sandwich of all time (in my opinion), the Cuked Out with a pickle on the side. Not even gonna tell ya what’s in it, just go get one before it’s all over.

Photo: Albany Times Union

It sucks to see such a Troy staple shut down. Every time I went in there, it was bumpin’ with people, and on a Farmer’s Market Saturday the place couldn’t keep the crowds away if they tried. But, the owner’s honesty helps put the announcement to close in perspective. No one can afford to do something that’s not making them money, no matter how happy it makes them or how much it’s needed in the community or anything. It’s brave AF for an entrepreneur and local business owner to talk about the harsh realities of the industry –so a lot of respect on that front. Still allowed to be sad, though.

I’m still recovering from the closure of my favorite CP dive bar, Andrea’s Pub, and then, the Rusty Anchor went down in Green Island, and now this? A lot of bad restaurant news, but hey, there will be more. Bagel places though, IDK!!!! The future for 518 bagels is grim, people. Who’s going to take on the tremendous responsibility of supplying bomb ass bagels to the Capital Region? Anybody?

The only positive here is that if you haven’t been before, you have until June 14 to get there and support what’s left of a great local business. RIP Psychadelicatessen, you will be missed.



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