Any Word How Jack’s 30-Day Pushup Challenge is Going?

There are a million reasons the 2BD squad loves coworking at the Troy Innovation Garage, and one reason our Cap’n Jack now HATES coworking at the Troy Innovation Garage. While I happen to enjoy the social “breaks,” AKA moments of non-productivity thanks to the constant popping in and out of local entrepreneurs-turned-friends, sometimes those friendly conversations turn into serious bets the 2BD squad has to follow through with.








The latest, for example, was Jack agreeing to do 100 pushups a day for 30 days, in effort to help his clothes fit better and obviously to also get ready for bikini season. He started off strong with an Instagram story, then wrote a blog about it, and then….nothing.

I’m wondering if maybe my social media feeds are broken somehow and I’m not seeing his updates? It seems unlike Jack to just like, not do 100 pushups a day for 30 da…wait that sounds EXACTLY like Jack. Listen, Jack’s my business partner, my BFF, my Devil’s Advocate, my favorite person to get a K-Plate with in downtown Troy, and he’s one of the most dedicated, hardworking people I know. But not when it comes to working out (cc: Squad Does Metabolic). Oh, and Squad Does BarreFlow.

Is he doing the pushup challenge behind closed doors, or behind a closed door with no cameras around? How can WE be held accountable to keep him motivated? I tried my trick of putting the Metabolic trainers’ eyes on him and sending him some positive encouragement, I tried helping him come up with a strategy to get the pushups done each day (I recommended 10/hour for 10 hours), but now it’s been a little over a week and I honestly don’t know how well he’s doing with the challenge or if he’s doing it at all.

He’s definitely gotta work on his form but, hey! Practice makes perfect, Cap’n Jack.

Jack, if you’re out there, update us please! Soon enough, fans across the 518 will be approaching him at coffee shops and local hangouts to ask him how it’s going, just like how yesterday I was asked by a girl at Cider Belly Donuts if I finally got my hair scarf back (PS: I’m going to attempt that today). And some of you might ask why I don’t just talk to Jack about how his pushups are going, but that’s not as fun or satisfying as writing this blog about him. I guess I’ll have to wait until I see him in person in about a week’s time and see if his new muscles are busting out of his shirt.



How do you feel?

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