If You Don’t Post to Social Media, Does Your Workout Still Count?

Taylor wrote a blog this morning about the fact I’m one week deep in the 100×30 day pushup challenge and she doesn’t think I’m doing it because I’m not constantly posting updates to social media. I’m taking this as a personal attack, only because I actually have been keeping up with the 100 pushups each day. So to put in all of that work, just to be questioned on my own damn outlet is nothing short of a personal attack!

It also begs the question, if you don’t post to social media, does your workout still count?

According to Taylor, it does not. That’s not news though, like clockwork you can see her POV updates from the gym in the morning, typically highlighting a kettlebell and her leg tastefully occupying the lower third of the frame. Sometimes her $95 water bottle gets a feature too just to prove to the world she’s hydrated.

Me? I’m not about that life. I’m out here doing pushups for 7 damn days and I probably look terrible doing so, do I really deserve that real estate on your timeline? No. There’s already enough people boasting their mediocre workout abilities on your feed, I’ll spare you the 15 seconds wasted before you scroll onwards to other content that is totally worth your time.

I documented my first day of the challenge to prove that I’m in it to win it, I don’t need anyone’s validation other than the eyeballs at the beach once I flex my new bikini bod after 100×30 days. So far, it’s okay. I have noticed a mild glow up up in my figure, and although it ain’t always pretty, getting to 100 pushups gets easier by the day. I’m sure if I ate protein powder or something it would help my progress, but I split a pint of ice cream last night, which if you think about it, is quite close to a protein shake.

Anyways, I’ve been pushupping all over the place, from the floor of the Innovation Garage, the floor of the Troy Kitchen (I regret that one), at a bowling alley in Vermont, but most have taken place in the comfort of my own home. 50 in the morning, 50 right before I go to bed once I realized I forgot to do the rest during the day.

I should probably start washing my hands more often.

All I can say is that I have my day 1 photo hidden in my chamber of secrets (my camera roll) and it WILL NOT be released until the challenge is over, paired with my new day 30 glow up. Although, like I said in my announcement, if there is no visible changes to my body, or a “glow up” I will pretend this never happened. And where is the proof? You don’t have it.

But the forecast is looking good for a bikini bod glow up, and I will post pics to prove it, just like Taylor already did. Also, is getting tan a side effect of a glow up?




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