The Giants first pick may not have been great, but I grade the reaction videos VERY high.

I sympathize with everyone in these videos. If this had happened when I was at the height of my fanhood and rock bottom of my maturity, I’m not sure anything around me would’ve been safe. Thankfully, I’ve grown up a little bit. I merely sat in silence contemplating what in the world the Giants’ front office was thinking with this waste of our 6th overall pick. Other members of Big Blue Nation had different reactions. Let’s break them down:

Ok, A TON to unpack here. First off, we have both Landon Collins and Odell Beckham Jr. jerseys, neither of which are still on the Giants. That probably helps explain the surplus of hype for a draft pick. It’s just the draft. No NFL team has ever won a game in April, we don’t need you’re lightning fast feet pounding on your friend’s basement floor.

The reaction as they realized what the Giants just did is priceless. Pure fury and depression coming to the surface. You can only justify giving yourself a wedgie and collapsing to the floor from the deepest, darkest pits of your fanhood. And I’m assuming our man here just started dropping F-bombs at the lunch table last week. He dropped 6 in just the last 15 seconds of this video. God I miss that part of life when your teams were literally the most important things in your life.

Draft Reaction Grade: A+†

Now we move up a few maturity points and we get to see both ends of the spectrum. Giants fans did one of 2 things when this pick was announced: either freak the fuck out and throw a temper-tantrum, or sit in silence, feeling the numbing sensation that comes along with momentarily hating your franchise.

And unfortunately, they invited their non-Giants fan buddy to enjoy their misery first-hand, multiplying the pain.

Draft Reaction Grade: B

The video is a little long, it starts great, just listing the multitude of players the Giants could’ve taken, but it’s not until the last 20 seconds or so you get some 10/10 lines including:

“We’re gonna lose every game forever.”

“He goes to Duke! He plays football! He should be on Wall Street!”

Our man Snacks here embodied the word “despair”. It’s defined as “the complete loss or absence of hope”, that’s exactly what we’re seeing here.

Draft Reaction Grade: A

Let me try to ease my fellow Giants fans’ minds real quick. Was this a bad pick? Absolutely. There’s no way we couldn’t have gotten this guy at 17 or even in the second round. We passed on great defensive players and reached for an iffy QB. I get it. It hurt.

HOWEVA (Stephen A. Smith voice), let’s remember that games aren’t won in April. We still have Eli (who had one of his best statistical years last season, FYI) and Daniel Jones could be a good NFL QB after sitting behind him and learning for a few years.

Also, in our few picks since we made a mockery of ourselves we’ve loaded up on defense. A stud defensive tackle from Clemson, Dexter Lawrence, a Georiga corner back who hasn’t given up a touchdown since 2016, Deandre Baker, and Oshane Ximines and outside linebacker from Old Dominion.

My point? Thank you for the entertaining videos but please, RELAX. We have strengthened our offensive line this off season, we have a generational talent in Saquon Barkley, and are clearly making an effort to add to our defense. The New York Giants will be just fine. Let’s just hope we aren’t relying on Daniel Jones in 2019.



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