Here Is the Best of the Internet From the Epic Battle of Winterfell

***Spoilers below*** (obviously)

First off, WOW. I couldn’t get to sleep for hours last night after that episode and was half-expecting a bunch of wights to break into my apartment, thankfully that didn’t happen. The Battle of Winterfell provided some all-time Thrones moments, the most epic of course being Arya coming in from the clouds to win the battle for the living. Naturally, the internet went wild.

UNREAL scene:

Don’t know where this is, but that celebration looks like a World Cup goal on steroids. Only Thrones can do that.

As if Arya’s moment wasn’t electric enough as it was:

For all the Patriots GoT fans

In reality, the lead the Night King blew was probably more like 83-0, but you get the point.

The Night King’s comments after the loss

Lyanna Mormont killed a Giant but…

At least Theon went down (somewhat) proud

Not smart, but proud.

The tweet we didn’t know we needed:

What do we say to the God of Death?

No today.

Moments like last night are when the internet is at its best. I could’ve put another 25 memes and videos I found from that episode. The Night King is out of the way and I’m already jacked up for next week.




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