Patroons Are Hosting The TBL Championship Game Tonight In Albany

I’ve had this day circled on my calendar for a couple months now. Not because of the TBL Championship game the Patroons are hosting tonight, but because of the Two Buttons Deep booze cruise that we worked so hard on putting together. Well, it looks like I ain’t making it, but I can deal with the circumstances.


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The Albany Patroons forced a game three of a three game series against the Yakima Sunkings Wednesday night and as luck would have it that game is being played at 7pm tonight at the Washington Avenue Armory. Albany is hosting the same Yakima team that swept the Patroons in the NAPB Championship a season ago.

As most of you know I am “the voice” of the Patroons and been court side for almost two seasons now. Tonight might just be a once in a lifetime call and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Sucks that I can’t make the booze cruise, but the Patroons and I have some unfinished business to take care of.


This game isn’t going to be played without a little drama.†The†Yakima Sunkings fired their head coach, Paul Woolpert, mid championship series after he and team owner, Jamie Campos, had a†dispute†on who should make the trip to Albany. Campos decided not to send three of the Sunking players along with assistant coach, Jim Berndt, to Albany and thats when Woolpert started a Go Fund Me to try to†raise†money so that Yakima could send the full roster.

Campos saw this as Woolpert overstepping his boundaries and fired his head coach. The unprecedented move to fire a coach during a championship series sent shockwaves throughout Washington as well as the league. Either way the game goes on as planned and the Sunkings will be without three of their players while being coached by veteran player Renaldo Major.

I joined Brian and Chrissy in the morning on WGNA and we talked about the situation and tonight’s game

I don’t like this one bit. I feel like the 30 for 30 of Yakima’s story would open with the firing of its coach then their team coming together to rally around him and defeating Albany for the championship. We need as many people as possible to get their asses down to the Washington Avenue Armory tonight for the home court advantage and prevent this monstrosity from taking place.

You can see some shit like this:

The Washington Avenue Armory might be the loudest place in the state tonight as the Patroons try to avenge last year’s finals loss and secure their legacy. Who knows how long the Patroons and the league will be around, but tonight we all have a chance to be a part of history. I’ll be there and hope to see you too. 7PM tipoff at the Washington Armory.†





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