The 2BD Spring Booze Cruise Recap

This weekend we held our second booze cruise on the Dutch Apple here in Albany. It was smooth sailing and a hell of a time for everyone on board, but that’s not exactly what the forecast called for…

72 hours beforehand, we held a team meeting discussing the possibility of postponing the cruise. We hadn’t sold as many tickets as we anticipated, the forecast called for 100% rain, and we just found out the Albany Patroons’ championship game was postponed to Friday, meaning John Longton (the play-by-play announcer for the Patroons) had to bow out of the booze cruise for his call of duty.

On top of that, my week was filled with saying goodbye to my best friend Duke (my 12-year-old black lab), the same day my girlfriend had her wisdom teeth removed, and my phone bit the dust so I had to deal with transitioning to a new one after a god awful customer service experience at the Apple Store (that one is a first world problem).

Delaying the booze cruise on Friday seemed like the easy way out, especially with the way our weeks were going. But after discussing our options, we chose to trek on. We had people who supported us and bought tickets for this booze cruise, so the show must go on. A very important lesson I learned in college was that a true performer will put on their best show for as long as there is one willing member in the audience. If someone pays money or time to come see you and your craft, you owe it to them to put on your best show whether the venue is packed or not. So yeah, we weren’t about to be that company who bails because of weather, that’s lame, and we’re not lame, right? Right. So we strapped our boots, hit the streets marketing the cruise and within 48 hours we doubled our ticket sales and filled up the ship with awesome people who weren’t gonna let a little rain ruin their Friday night.

As for the party, it went off without a hitch. The weather held up enough so you could still be outside to get that good insta pic, the Capital Region’s DJ of the Year DJ Trumastr earned his title, and Marko + two other attendees received arguably the highest decibel “happy birthday” of their life.


Thanks to our sponsors Nine Pin Cider and Chatham Brewing kicked off the party on the right note.

Best of all, we raised $300 to directly help out Andy Melville, a South Troy native who is relying on the community’s support after a tragic ATV accident this winter. If you want to further support Andy and his family as he recovers in Boston, visit his GoFundMe.


Here are some photos taken by the very talented Eddie Quinn, aka EQPIX.


Two Buttons Deep


Three Buttons deep.


DJ Trumastr earning his title


Our signature party game “All Buttons Deep”


One butt deep?


Five slices deep.


There’s no party like a dog party


Our Captain Jack & Leading Lady Taylor thank you all for supporting us and our events, content, and all the other shenanigans we get ourselves into. Thanks for following along and we hope to see you all at our next event!



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