Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week


Welcome back, people! After a work trip to Barcelona for Bridal Fashion Week and our 2BD Spring Booze Cruise last week, I am energized, inspired, and probably still hungover, but READY for a fine ass Fashion Friday to come your way. I’ve been pretty impressed, I gotta say, with what I’ve been seeing on social media lately in terms of the trends. Maybe I’m just following some really cool people, or maybe some of you are taking my advice and stepping up your style game.

Actually, I think it’s both. My DMs have a steady influx of people genuinely asking for tips on fashion and where to shop locally to get some great pieces, and I really appreciate it. I’m not a know-it-all, but I do have the passion for fashion, and I’m here to help you all with your workout outfit swag, gala gear, an outfit that’ll blow away your future employer in a job interview…whatever you need.

And if I’m not around to dish out my take on what’s in right now, look to some of the people below who have officially earned their spot on the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list.

Jessica Sheridan (@_jsher)

My girl Jessica is coming in HOT with not one, but two amazing looks this week on Insta. Like I’ve been saying, I want to see people posting about fashion on a regular basis, not just the one time they went to a gala and spent so much on a dress it HAD to be captured forever.

Jess is embracing spring while still recognizing the weather is less than ideal right now with these looks –and I love it. The polka dot slip dress with a major pop of color blazer makes it feel like the sun’s out when it’s really not, and in the other look, she repurposes her mom’s overalls from the ’80s with my favorite thing (a turtleneck) so obviously this is fire. And, might I add, a wonderful ode to Mother’s Day coming up.

Watch out for Jess, everyone. I expect to see her on this list again and again.

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Solomon Syed (@thesolo2682)

You’d think it’s a given for a local news anchor to always be dressed to impress, but I’ve seen A LOT of local news anchors and segments where that is 100% not the case. Mr. Syed here, though, is mixing prints and patterns in a playful, surprising way that lets us know he simply isn’t messing around when it comes to looking good on camera. Who knows what he does off-camera, ya’ll have seen my Target outfits on the weekends…

ANYWAY, from what I know about this guy (which isn’t a ton, just enough that you can learn from social media), is that he’s what the kids like to call a “sneakerhead,” so I imagine if this photo had him in full-frame, he’s probably rocking some J’s on his feet to go with this stellar suit.

PS: He made a comment to me once about how short I am while I was mid-Fortnite game at Siena College. Looking back on it, I’m sure he was just in shock that I was killing it in the media tournament and eventually went on to win. I forgive you, Solomon. I’d be jealous of a Fortnite champion too.


Vinny Perniciaro(@vinnyp24)

Vinny came highly recommended, or should I say nominated, from my girl Cassidy, a very loyal 2BD follower. Cassidy and Vinny are the OG 2BD Booze Cruise fans, and it was a blast to see these two out on the Dutch Apple last week for the second time. Followers quickly become friends when you’re going a couple buttons deep together.

From what I can remember of the Booze Cruise, Vinny was rocking a short sleeve shirt with a puffer vest over the top to protect him from the open waters of the Hudson River, which I was digging, too. And then this week we see the guy rockin’ a pair of suspenders your own grandfather would be jealous of. I love the reflective shades and a subtle polka dot on the tie. We’re seeing polka dots across all three of my best dressers so far, how about that?

Lizzie Hunter (@lizzzziehunter)

My personal bucket list probably includes having Saturday’s permanently off from work so that I can do fun things like go the annual Kentucky Derby Party at Saratoga National. But for now (PS: I love my Saturday job, so it’s fine),we have people like Lizzie who are making sure such a highly-anticipated event does not become a let down when it comes to the fashions.

Horse racing culture gets people excited to dress up and to express their personal style whether it’s preppy and classic or a little fun and funky. Lizzie’s Derby Day look does both and that’s why I am lovin’ on it so much. Off-shoulder isn’t the easier trend to pull off, but she does it with class and style in this gorgeous scuba (AKA neoprene) ruffle dress with one sleek and chic long sleeve. Her outfit certainly wouldn’t be complete with her Saratoga style hat/headband which matches perfectly with her shoes, just as the clutch bag does with the dress. Go, Lizzie! I’d bet on her to reappear on this list a time or two as well.

Glad to see some new faces who will soon become familiar faces on the Capital Region’s Best Dressed List. Know someone who’s always stylin’ or think you have some pretty good ‘fits of your own? Reach out and let me know who I should be following for all my favorite 518 fashion content.




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