How The Hell Did I Not Make Taylor’s Best Dressed List????

Every Friday Taylor does a best dressed of the Capital Region list here on 2BD. It’s a very popular list and people love seeing who makes it each week and it’s always a good read, until this week…

As someone who wears 3 outfits with varying colors on a daily basis, I’ve never sought or expected to be a part of this list and I’m cool with that. But this week on our 2BD booze cruise, I not only went out of my way to buy a killer outfit for the evening, but I got at least two dozen compliments (which is two dozen more than I have received in the entirety of 2019). Most of all, Taylor herself, our proclaimed fashionista here at 2BD, said that it was best dressed-worthy when we were on the boat. And let me tell you folks, she wasn’t wrong.

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“We Out!” A message from your captain.

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So that was last Friday, and now the new list was just released and I was eligible to make my debut on the best dressed list…And then it came out, and for some reason my awesome captain jacket wasn’t anywhere on the list???

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 5.56.22 PM.png

This is a let down, not because I wasn’t on the list, but now I’m questioning Taylor’s fashion expertise in its entirety. She’s really gonna place someone in a run of the mill blue suit and a ~fun tie~ over me in my one-of-a-kind captain’s cloak? She really picked a girl in a plain black dress over my swagger sailing suit? She actually prefers a dude in suspenders and white shirt over my navigator’s novelty? C’mon…

I have one word for all of this. Basic. I’m out here getting unique apparel from a curated thrift store in Burlington, when all along I should have just gone to JS Banks in Clifton Park and said “you know that white shirt and suspender look that all men have been wearing since 1820? Hook me up so I can make the 2BD best dressed list.”

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.



How do you feel?

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