Here is the Best of the Internet from Game of Thrones Last Night

Spoilers below*** (obviously)

Whether you like how Thrones gave it to us or not, a lot of questions got answered last night. Varys whispers finally caught up to him and got himself roasted fighting the good fight for the realm. Dany finally learned how to use a dragon (on Mother’s Day no less) and went completely Mad Queen, proving Varys 100% correct. King’s Landing didn’t stand a damn chance and now the Dragon Queen has a huge target on her back. Let’s get into what the rest of the internet put together for us:


It’s never your fault when you’re the mad Targaryen


Varys was vary right

The bells rang, time to call of the dogs and not kill thousands of innocent people! Dany:


Congrats to our Mad Queen!


The hypocrisy!


Poor Jon Snow


A sneak-peek into our series finale next week

If Arya doesn’t kill Dant first, this is what we’ll have. Get lit!


One episode left in the greatest show of all time. I don’t see how Dany survives next week. Also, can we get the Branwagon back in action? Still waiting to know what the hell he was doing worging during the Battle of Winterfell.




How do you feel?

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