Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

What’s up, people? I’m ready to roll into the weekend with another Fashion Friday featuring the best looks I’ve seen on social media this week right here in the 518. A lot of you are probably excited, too, but there’s one person I think will be scrolling right by this post when they see it. That’s right.

Unfortunately, last week I think I lost fan of this series, and he’s my own business partner and 2BD co-captain. Jack was apparently fuming when last week’s list got released and his look from our spring booze cruise was not included. He seriously thought it was the best, but it just didn’t make the cut.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 6.14.35 PM


I was willing to add an honorable mention for him to keep the ego in good spirits, but he quickly called me out in a blog post expressing his disappointment in me instead. Did Jack have a pretty sweet thrifted jacket on that night? Absolutely. Was it best dressed worthy, though? IDK. The only hiccup here is that I think while I was multiple buttons deep on the cruise, I might have (MIGHT HAVE) prematurely promised him a spot on the list. But if that’s true, I’m sticking with our motto that anything more than Two Buttons Deep is content left best off the internet. Sorry, Jack.

Anyway, let’s get down to the good stuff and see who was stylin’ on this week’s list.

Andrea Zappone (@andreazappone)

Ain’t no style like mom style if you ask me. Moms are literally the coolest people on the planet no matter what they wear, but if they dress like Andrea over here, they get some major cool mom bonus points.


I love how this look is casual yet incredibly fashion-forward at the same time. She isn’t satisfied taking a walk in a pair of skinny jeans and Keds, and the look quickly becomes VIP mom status with this fedora and dolled up ponytail. I’m especially digging these hair accessories (bows, I think?) which so perfectly match her little girl who’s stylin’ too.

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mee ‘n WEE

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Maria Vopelkova (@mariavopelkova)

Maria is the 518’s favorite au pair, and even though she hails from a land a million miles away, she’s made the USA her home over the past year or so and her fashion sense tells me she is here to STAY. She can be seen frequently traveling the country enjoying all of our American culture has to offer, and in this recent pic from her trip to Dallas she’s embracing southern vibes and warm weather.

The cinched waistband is hella flattering, and the pattern detail along with the side ties on the shoulders turn this from a sundress into not your ordinary sundress. And that cute little smirk? Come on, Maria. You’re melting hearts across America with this photo.

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One day in Dallas 🌸

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Kara Curtin (@shopdiner)

This isn’t the first time Kara has gotten a mention on 2BD for her super chic vintage clothing shop, DINER. In the years since we first interviewed her, the shop has moved from Etsy to its own site, and also displays clothing at Olive & June Floral Co.’s shop in downtown Albany.

What hasn’t changed since then, though, is Kara’s passion for finding vintage threads that are totally unique and actually affordable. One of her latest looks (which she models herself, BTW and I LOVE it), is this super cool mandarin collar blouse with white accents amidst the pinstripes, styled with chunky gold necklaces and is buttoned in a way that even Two Buttons Deep wouldn’t have thought of. Middle button only? That’s a move right there.

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new listings on the way

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Jessi Corrigan (@jayy_dawggg)

Wedding season is about to be in full swing, which sometimes can mean a lot of seeing the same style dresses over and over again at weddings you’ll go to all summer long. But when you’re a bride like Jessi, AKA super chill, naturally gorgeous and on the more non-traditional side, you grab an amazing little white dress and plan a surprise wedding for your friends and family. Skip all the wedding planning BS and head right to the party. That’s something we can really respect here at Two Buttons Deep.

This little white dress from Angela’s Bridal is amazing for an impromptu(ish) ceremony (full disclosure: I work there) and the pairing it with a pair of baby blue pumps makes this bridal vibe even more unique and chic. I love to see people basically doing the exact opposite of what is “expected” of them, and then bringing the NOISE while they do it. Props to the new Mrs. over here who did exactly that and exceeded expectations.

Looks like we’ve got a girls week going on here this Fashion Friday and I am not one bit mad about it. But I know who is, and that’s Cap’n Jack. Maybe next time, bud. Know someone who’s rocking some serious street style in Upstate NY? Send them my way and see who will show up next on the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list.



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