Best News of the Week – Smash Mouth to Headline Schenectady’s SummerNight 2019!

I’ve got GREAT news folks, the legendary Smash Mouth is headlining the Schenectady County SummerNight on July 12.

I’ll be honest, I thought Schenectady peaked last year when their SummerNight hosted the Spin Doctors on a beautiful July night. Boy was I wrong. Schenectady has some good stuff cookin’ and that was just the appetizer. This July we will be graced the epic presence of Smash Mouth, the band with the song that everybody knows. I am legitimately excited for this, even though I saw them on the 4th of July last year in the Empire Plaza. But you don’t need fireworks when you have “I’m A Believer” soaring through the speakers. Come to think of it, they did have fireworks last year after the Spin Doctors. Is Schenectady just trying to start their own 4th of July party on week after? Or is the fact it’s summer in Upstate always worthy of a block party? I’m thinkin’ the latter…Check out our video from 2018 to get a taste of what’s in store for 2019. We’ll see you there!!!



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