Amsterdam Man Takes Arts and Crafts to the Next Level with a Construction Paper Inspection Sticker

(The Gazette) AMSTERDAM – A Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over a driver in Amsterdam Monday for an inspection sticker that didn’t look right, sheriff’s officials said. As it turns out, there was a good reason it didn’t look right: It was hand-drawn and made from construction paper, Montgomery County Sheriff Jeffrey Smith said. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office posted a copy of the “sticker” to Facebook Tuesday, a post that had received nearly 4,000 shares in six hours.
“So, we appreciate people who take some initiative, however this will not work as your vehicle inspection sticker,” the post read.  “NICE TRY!!”

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Meanwhile in Upstate NY… 😂 @mcpd.recruitment

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We posted the picture this morning but I had to write about this because,I mean, what a guy. Manuel Muniz of Amsterdam took arts and crafts to a whole new level before getting caught by a Montgomery County Sheriff. I would’ve loved to have seen / heard the officers reaction when he realized the “inspection sticker” was just a piece of construction paper from AC Moore. I have a couple questions…

How long do we think Manny Muniz was doing this for? Was this just a one time occurrence, or has he been renewing his own inspection sticker for years? How long did it take him to create the inspection sticker with such attention to detail?

To be fair, this is certainly faster then waiting at the DMV, no? Do you think the officer thought this was funny or went full hardo? Did he have a chuckle or go right for the taser? Where does Manny go from here? We will have to find out when he goes to court in Amsterdam later this month…

The ingenuity Manny showed in creating this sticker is seemingly unparalleled and I cannot help but respect it. I mean, the guy even created the “bar code” at the top of the sticker. Every single detail that goes in to an inspection sticker Manny thought of, minus the fact that you know, it wasn’t real. That’s Amsterdam for ya, am I right?



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