Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

It’s the unofficial start to summer, AKA Memorial Day Weekend AKA #MDW, which I guess means we’re entering a new chapter of Fashion Friday as well. I expect to see some really fine fashions this summer, NONE of which include a pair of shorts. Yeah, I said it.

We’ll talk about the shorts thing in more detail another day, but before you guys point it out, yes I know I wore a pair of shorts (they were really culottes, but whatever) on my recent trip to Barcelona. It was a short suit, which is different than the shorts I am currently petitioning against. Just FYI.

ANYWAYS, Fashion Friday isn’t about me, is it? Well, sort of. It’s about me scoping out the best looks of the week from my fashionable friends in the Capital Region.Someone suggested we incentivize this thing so that I can guarantee I will have a lot to choose from on social media when I look for the weekly roundup. That ain’t a bad idea. Whatever I can do to make you guys post your fire ‘fits is fine by me. But until we get there in this wild startup company journey we’re on, here is the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list this week.

JP Elario (@Jpelario)

You rarely see JP on the other side of the camera because he’s the guy who is making you look glam and gorgeous AF on your big day. He says he never posts pictures of himself (weird flex but OK), but I had to capture one using my own photography skills when I saw him at his pop-up photo shoot outside of his studio earlier this week.

There’s nothing I like more than a nice fitting jean, and I don’t mean super skinny like a sk8r boi, I mean just the right fit. JP, could you teach my friend Jack a lesson in clothes that fit properly? That would be greatly appreciated. But don’t share your secrets on how to rock such a sick leather jacket with anyone, because only so many people are allowed to pull that look off. Keep that one to yourself if you wanna maintain a spot on this list. Nice work, JP. And shout out to you for always making me feel like a queen on camera, too.


Liza Morgan (@lizamorgan13)

You’d be hard pressed to find someone more naturally beautiful in the 518 (well actually like, anywhere) than Liza, the girl boss business owner of Liza’s of Troy and Liza’s of Schenectady. This girl just radiates good vibes and positive energy, and also just so happens to look like a goddess while doing it. No big deal.

What I love about this outfit she posted on Insta story (which I so kindly begged her for this adorable photo of after), is how it’s so effortless and chic at the same time. She even shouted out to her followers what a good deal she got on both pieces at Marshall’s, which is just another reason this look has earned its place on Fashion Friday. Marshall’s is a goldmine to find designer looks for less, and if there’s one quick fashion lesson Liza and I can teach you, it’s that your closet should be stacked with awesome basics like these black ripped skinny jeans and a simple white button down top that you can rewear and repurpose whenever, wherever.


Kate Welshofer (@katewelshofer)

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Mirror, mirror 👑

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Depending on who you ask, Kate might still live in Upstate New York after she relocated from the Capital Region to Buffalo last year. Either way, she was in town last week for the Welcome Home movie premiere, which means she’s been geographically in the vicinity of the 518 and is therefore eligible for the best dressed list.

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Girl power is only becoming more powerful these days, and I’m a sucker for a graphic tee that just subtly reminds all the old white men out there that us women, we have full control. Girls CAN do anything, and Kate is one of my favorite people to watch clap back on Twitter when someone makes a stereotypical remark about what they think women can or can’t do. So girl, you wear the hell outta this shirt and keep reminding people across New York State and the Twittersphere that girls do in fact rule the world. *Mic drop*


Cory Nelson (@coryoftroy)

If you’ve ever been in the Troy Kitchen, you’ve probably seen Cory just quietly hanging out behind the bar or making the rounds talking to the patrons of his super cool food court-turned bar-turned home of 2BD’s Thursday Karaoke Night. He’s got that mysterious type of swag and is definitely not the type of guy you see posting on social media all the time. He’s on the down low, but like in a good way.

I was somehow able to find a recent photo of him in this stunner of a suit paired with a turtleneck, which turns up the entire look up about 10 notches. He’s got the stripes going on the suit, a pocket square to tie in with the ‘neck, and some sort of awesome watch that looks like wood and also tells me he probably doesn’t use it to tell time. 

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