GOOD NEWS ALERT: Albany Police Save 3-Year-Old From Fire

(TU) Two police officers saved a three-year-old from an early morning Sunday fire on Third Avenue.
Police spokesman Steve Smith said a group of officers arrived on scene and found the boy’s mother outside, crying hysterically that her son was inside on the third floor and she couldn’t reach him.
Two officers, Tim Adalian and Nicholas Schuler, tried to enter the front door but were driven back by the fire, Smith said.
Two others, Sgt. Chris Cornell and Officer Josh Sears, went up the fire escape and found neighbors who were trying to find the boy.
The pair could hear the boy crying and began shouting and shining their flashlights to draw him closer to them. Cornell went in and found the boy near the door to the fire escape. He was able to hand the boy to the neighbors who were trying to help, Smith said.
The boy and the two officers who saved him were taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. The boy was otherwise unharmed, Smith said. The officers are expected to be fine too.

How often do you see ‘Police Officer’ in the news and its a good story? That’s right, not often. People forget, just because there are some not so good cops out there doesn’t mean that all police are bad guys. Just like everything else in the world, the negative normally gets more shine than the positive but NOT UP IN HERE. Officers Cornell and Sears ran in to a burning building and saved the life of a three-year-old. While some negative Nancys will say “well thats what they’re supposed to do”, I’m here to tell those people to take a lap. I don’t see your name in the paper telling me that you’re a hero. It takes some serious cojones to get a job like this done and that’s exactly what officer Cornell and Schuler bring to the table.

Could they have waited for the fire department to get there? Sure could have, but they didn’t. They recognized that there was someone in distress, went in there, executed their game plan and got out of there before anyone got hurt. It’s refreshing to see a story like this to be honest. While most people bitch and moan about police officers always remember, who is the first person you call when you’re in serious distress? Shoutout to these two officers, thanks for being you.



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