Troy Hidden Garden Tour 2019

I went back to my roots and toured Troy’s best hidden gardens this week. I did this back in 2017, and two trips around the sun later it’s still just as fascinating. Except last time I lived in a cramped third floor apartment with a backyard that would make Stevie Wonder cringe. Now? I live in a beautiful house on the garden tour. Which one? Didn’t showcase it because some people are weird. But this event isn’t, and that’s why it’s been a staple in the city of Troy for 20 years now. Pretty neat.

I’m no plant whisperer nor do I have a a green thumb, so it’s pretty cool to see how people express themselves in their backyard, especially because it’s hidden 364 days a year. Some people had trees and plants and ponds and fresh vegetables and most importantly, dogs.

Just another reason to love Troy and Upstate in the spring time. Let this serve a reminder about Upstate, NY… Our beauty isn’ always on the outside, sometimes it is hidden and you just have to find it.



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