If Kodi Lee, The Blind, Autistic Piano Player Does Not Win AGT, Then It’s Time to Cancel AGT

Listen folks, I rarely dig into viral performances from national talent shows because it’s already soaking up your timeline with 50+ million views, so my take doesn’t really matter. But this is different, this is Kodi Lee, the 22-year-old with autism and blindness who took the AGT stage last night with him Mom and his cane where he set the bar low with his introduction. He had some difficulty engaging in small talk with the judges, and symptoms led us all to believe that he was too overwhelmed to even know where the piano was, nonetheless blow us away with it.

But alas, once he touched the keys you could see him transform as a person. No longer was he restricted by the bounds of his autism, he was now one of the purest performers I’ve heard in a long time. Golden buzzer for days. If Kodi Lee doesn’t win this show, then it’s time to cancel AGT. I also saw Simon go up and hug another comedian who was TERRIBLE so I hope AGT isn’t going down the sunshine and daisies route like American Idol does where their judges don’t judge, they just praise.

Regardless, Kodi Lee deserves his compliment.




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  1. Anonymous

    This article is dumb as shit. Cancel the show if the guy you like doesn’t win? Fuck off


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