Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

What a week, people! I gotta say, #FashionFriday is picking up FOR SURE. This was the first week where I received a bunch of DMs and tags on social media from people pointing me in the direction of some awesome outfits from the 518’s fashionistas and Mr. fashionistas (not sure if there’s a word for that yet)

We’ve got pops of color this week with fun prints and patterns, a killer denim jacket, proper Two Buttons Deep attire and just a whole lotta good stuff. Let’s get right to it, shall we? It’s almost happy hour.

Rachael Skliutas (@rachaelskliutas)

Rachael is one of the most talented local hair and makeup artists, so she is ALWAYS styling no matter what she wears. But when she’s not in her all black salon attire at Alexandria’s Beauty, she is clearly rocking some amazing outfits like this floral pattern, flowy jumpsuit. I absolutely love all the colors in this outfit, some muted and some bright — ’cause ya know how when it’s still spring and not full on summer you can’t necessarily go all out in super bright colors. That’s for like a 85 and sunny type’a day.

The way she accessorized, too, with some chunky bracelets and a nice chunky heel is cool, casual but still perfectly fancy to sip champagne in at Saratoga National. I can also totally tell the color of her lip gloss matches the purple-ish flowers in the jumpsuit and it is not exaggerating to say I am LIVING for it. I wish I could be as fabulous in the hair, makeup and clothes department like Rachael is.

Dave Hostig (@nccgolf)

Earlier this week, Jack and I had the privilege of attending the United Way Annual Awards as “influencers” to help highlight all the awesome stuff that went on at a charitable AF event. While I did not participate in cocktail hour (I have a weird thing with hors d’oeuvres, I guess?) I used my spare time wisely and headed out to mix, mingle, and find someone at the event to put on the Best Dressed list.

Enter: Dave Hostig. The dude was going Two Buttons Deep, well after I asked him to unbutton one button, so whatever, but his shirt had the coolest, most intricate buttons I’ve ever seen. The type of buttons Two Buttons Deep is FOUNDED UPON. So, I knew he made the list based on the buttons alone –but the rest of the outfit was pretty awesome, too. Maroon pants, great buttons, and a super sweet blazer that makes Dave simply glow under the United Way logo on the ceiling of the Albany Capital Center.

Yvonne McEachron (

This look is 10/10 for so many reasons! I love when ladies take on the menswear trend and put a spin on it that 99.9 percent of the population would look at and go, “I could never pull that off the way she does.” Yvonne makes mixing and matching bold colors and patterns look easy, which I can assure you…is not. But sometimes, you gotta just try something out and see what happens, and this look is that perfect blend of all things colorful, fun and confident.

DJ HollyW8D (@djhollyw8d)

DJ HollyW8D feels a little bit like my personal hype man, always giving me those good shoutouts on the IG. And he has also been amazing at sending me local fashion-forward folks to keep an eye on for my Best Dressed list purposes. But he’s gotta give himself some credit, too, because this pale pink denim jacket is quite possibly the hottest thing I’ve seen on my feed this week. Forget the traditional Canadian tuxedo look, everyone. We’re doing colored denim this season and keeping it fresh with even more colors.

Oh, and peep those stunner shades. Nothing like a solid pair of Ray-Bans to finish off an already fire look.

And now…for the hard part. My dear business partner and friend, Jack, has been JONESIN’ for a spot on this list ever since I dissed him by not including his thrifted jacket on our spring booze cruise. He had a chance to redeem himself this past week at the UWGCR Awards, where he wanted to “match” my chartreuse dress with a yellow tie. I’ll give it to him, there was a major A for effort award here. I thought he looked quite sharp all dolled up next to me for the night.

But, when I looked back on the photos we took that night, I couldn’t help but realize his yellow tie was incredibly long. Shockingly long, I tell you. Trump-length, I was told. Based on the tie length, alone, I can’t say in good faith that Jack made this week’s list. But he’s close! I can feel it.





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