Twitter Asks: How Many Children Could Baker Mayfield Take in a Fight?

Twitter doesn’t seem to be as popular these days so when I come across tweets like this, I feel responsible for spreading it’s pure entertainment value to the rest of our community. Some guy named Jaxon Uhles asked Cleveland Brown’s starting quarterback, Baker Mayfield a very simple, and very grim hypothetical. If the couple hundred kids that attended his football camp attacked the former Heisman Trophy winner, how many could he take?

This right here is what Twitter, and the internet for that matter, is all about. So let’s dive in.

A look at Baker:

Screenshot (12)

6’1″ 215 isn’t big as far as the NFL is concerned, but that is a load compared to any handful of these kids. And based on his on-field play, it’s obvious that Baker is one tough MF’er, that grit will come in handy when the going gets tough against the swarm of preteens.

A look at the campers:

Screenshot (13)

Most of these kids probably can’t even hold their own against someone 2 years older than them, much less a 24 year old professional athlete. Even the hairiest 12 year old kids that hit puberty already are one punch knockouts for Baker.

The kiddos only have one thing going for them, strength in numbers. At some point, Baker will be too tired and get simply overwhelmed. By my estimation there are roughly 200 kids at this camp, ages 8-14 probably.

Baker could take out 4-5 of the younger kids a pop. Not even the slightest resistance. For that reason, I think his estimation is too modest. Even if the older kids attack first because they had some battle plan or something, Baker could just run towards easier competition to get them over with. His elusiveness is off the charts.

With all of that in mind, I think Baker could take around 85 of his campers before the mass of kids and his exhaustion got the best of him.

Tom Brady agrees:

Baker already has his fair share of haters and I’m sure this whole idea will spark some outrage from the politically-correct, offensiveness vigilante community but I love that he responded to this absurd question. It probably wasn’t the smartest move with the way the world is in 2019, but any level-headed human with half a brain can take this at face value and chuckle and the idea of Baker defending himself from a swarm of children.



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