Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

Another week, another Fashion Friday where my dear friend Jack Carpenter doesn’t make the list. I’m just going to get that out of the way right now so there are no hard feelings moving forward. I’m also just going to get it out of the way that Jack’s pants had HOLES IN THE BUM, I repeat: HOLES IN THE BUM! this morning while we were recording our show on Kiss 102.3. More details to come on that…if you want ’em.

But, now that that’s out of the way, I can quickly get the horrible visions out of your head and fill your wonderful, creative, and brilliant minds with the best fashions I saw on my feed this week. It was hard for me to negotiate myself down to just these four looks because, well, a lot of people killed it this week. I’m seeing summer style in full force, people pushing the limits, showing some skin…and of course going a few buttons deep. Let’s see who made this week’s Capital Region’s Best Dressed list.

Asa Stackel (@asastackel)

When Asa isn’t brightening up your A.M. on the morning news with Channel 13, he’s out there accepting awards for brightening up your A.M. on the morning news with Channel 13. We all know I have a strong allegiance for all things NBC, so it’s no surprise I tune in to this show before my friends at TODAY come on.

So, I was happy to see this well-dressed anchor pop up on my Instagram when he accepted some AP awards earlier this week. Asa Stackel seems like a man who knows the importance of a well-tailored suit and an appropriate length tie. And if you don’t know what that is in reference to, please see last week’s FF post. The navy with a metallic grey tie and a bright white pocket square to tie it all together is a classy move, folks. I’m a sucker for the fit of this suit (literally) and the ‘fit itself (what the cool kids say). Well done, Asa.


Nathaly Borbon (@nat.wynn //

I hope people don’t get freaked out when they appear on the list but have no personal connection to me whatsoever. But yet again, that’s kind of the point. Fashion Friday isn’t a popularity contest or about who ya know, it’s about dressing with some serious confidence and style and hoping the rest of the world takes notice.

And I definitely took notice of this amazing monochromatic look going on right here below. I am a huge (like, Billy Fuccillo HUGE) fan of any type of matching set –I just think it’s the easiest way to turn some heads and can feel a lot more creative than simply wearing a dress. This color makes the match set even more amazing, especially because it’s such a unique color I don’t even know what to call it. Is it purple? Is it pink? Is it freakin’ awesome? 100% to all of those things. And, the foil tote from Marc Jacobs is a piece I’ve been eyeing forever, so this outfit basically solidifies what my next splurge purchase will be.

Erica Maloy (@esherms)

Erica is a top hair and makeup artist here in the Capital Region and recently opened up her beautiful new salon, Heart + Soul House of Beauty, with her partner Ruby Jae. The #HOBbabe squad celebrated their official ribbon cutting earlier this week and totally seized the moment while wearing some super chic outfits for the photo opps that go along with using a giant pair of scissors in front of a crowd.

Honestly, the whole HOB girl gang deserves a spot on the list, but Erica’s orange peasant-esque top caught my attention right away. It worked so well with her one-of-a-kind hair color that I he denim skirt, though, made the look a true showstopper with some statement buttons and a slit to give it some extra sass and overall summertime vibes.

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Ribbon Cutting for #HeartandSoulHOB

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Big Joe Elario (@jmelario)

I think it might need to become a new rule that there needs to be someone on the list every week who is going Two Buttons Deep, especially in the summertime. It’s a fashion statement all on its own (when done well). And what better person to feature this week than the man who made me look like Taylor Swift in a Polaroid, Big Joe Elario?

Could be his best photography work to date, am I right?

I met this legend for the first time a few weeks ago and it was perfect timing to make the connection before my next episode of Ten Questions Deep. I won’t give away the guest, but let’s just say Big Joe will be making a very well-deserved cameo. And to see him going a few buttons deep at Cigar Night made me so happy, especially with these fire sunglasses and a straight up stare right out of your favorite Italian mobster movie. The only thing I disapprove is the Yankees pin, sorry, I’m a Sox fan. Otherwise, Big Joe is observing one of the latest summer trends, gingham print, and doing it with class and style.

That’s all we got for ya this week! Keep sending in your nominations and sending fashionable friends our way. Big props to all who made the list as we continue to roll into the summer season with serious style.



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