Taylor Does the Capital Pride Fest

Oh, baby! What a weekend it was in Downtown Albany for the Capital Pride Fest, held to celebrate Pride Month happening which is happening all over the USA right now. I was pretty excited for the event considering A) I’ve never been to a Pride festival before and B) I had just attended a “wig party” the night before and had this sweet orange and pink ombre wig to rock for our video.

I’m proud of myself that I never publicly acknowledged the wig while we were filming, but everyone of course was accepting AF because all walks of life were in attendance to celebrate and I was BY FAR not the most crazy dressed person there. It was such an amazing day filled with the A+ positive vibes and upbeat energy that I’ve seen all year long on one of the nicest, most beautiful days of the year.

As we began filming, we started asking people what pride means to them. And honestly, that bit didn’t make the video because nearly every single person said the exact same thing: Pride is about being yourself, not caring what other people think of you, and enjoying good company, making memories with friends and strangers alike. 

I SHOULD say that was my favorite part of this day because it definitely gave me some touchy feely moments (one woman actually cried talking about how significant this event is and the progress the pride movement has made over time) but my true favorite part of this bit is 100% meeting this nudist man who is hosting a nudist car show in the Catskills in July. As Jack put it, he was explaining nudism the way someone would explain the colors of the rainbow –it’s so simple!!

You wanna know what it feels like to be a nudist? Watch our other video. Or, just check out our full video of Capital Pride Fest here. And stay tuned for more colorful coverage right here on Two Buttons Deep.



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